MAY day (and month) is here!


For a long time, I didn’t like “my” month. It drove me nuts all the jokes and annoying makes me want to punch people comments… but then I had this cool boyfriend who suggested I own the whole month. Make it a celebration, make it mine. The man and the month are both still here – and heck yeah. Let’s do this!

Kicking it off, I have 3 exciting things to share with you- including 2 new classes.


Long story short: original intent was to do a free class for former BPC students. And a separate free class just for my blog readers. Then some changes and delays out of my control… I got to brainstorming. What if I made 1 more epic class instead of 2 small ones? What if I made this a class of inspiration and fun, have it run all through the rest of the year, and just be a big crafty party? Well- a once a month or so “here’s a tutorial and video lesson, no pressure, at home in your pajamas” kind of party. So LETS DO THIS! Want a free class? YOU’VE GOT IT!! Here’s the link: Sign up QUICK… I’ll be shutting this down after my birthday…

#2:Surprise happy mail to randomly selected students!


Every purchase of a class at this month will get you automatically entered to win some happy mail from me to you. Some stickers, tags, buttons and do-dads, tags… just a little glassine envelope of goodies put together and lovingly packaged up for a new winner every single day. Note not every purchase will win one – but I’ll be sending out a minimum of 30 of these goody bags all month long! Only paid class purchases will be entered for these drawings, must be class purchase placed May 1-31, 2015 to be eligible.

#3: Camp Scrap 2015 is coming


Guest instructors. Four different focus areas. 5 challenge/subject areas. 100% all new, all fun awesome and hopefully you think amazing class!! Pre-registration is opening May 2, 2015 so visit to check out all the info!

How’s that for some fun ways to kick off my month? If that’s not enough the new Avengers movie + a new color of Distress Ink come out today… it’s gonna be a good month alright…

12 thoughts on “MAY day (and month) is here!”

  1. I ran as fast as I could to sign up!!! Thank you so much for doing a free class. I’m really looking forward to it!!!!!

  2. Yay! This is awesome! (And so are you!). Thanks for the class and everything and I’m excited for Camp Scrap I know it will be awesome. Happy birthday and enjoy your special month, you deserve it. Michelle t

  3. Great news all around! Thank you for the free offerings, plus the new Camp Scrap. And Happy Birthday!

  4. Thank you May, I love your classes and the free one is a really nice bonus for this month. Its also my birthday month although I think we have different dates. You are a great teacher and very creative artist!!!!!

  5. Yay – I love May! I’ve been doing a class with you every May for at least 5 years and I think that’s pretty cool! My birthday is also in May so I think it’s a great month! Saw The new Avengers movie today – loved it!!
    And I’ve already signed up for the BPC class, just need to sign up for Camp Scrap as well!

  6. Happy Birthday May!! We share a birthday month, and it’s a lovely one! Thanks for the freebie, and all signed up and looking forward to Camp Scrap! Woohoo! Good luck and enjoy your trip to Ohio!

  7. Happy birthday, may! thanks for the opportunity to learn even more from you. that boyfriend sure turned out to be a keeper, huh?

  8. Thanks so much for this free class! I’ve registered and it already looks great! Shared on my FB page to help spread the word. 🙂

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