5 things Girl Scouts has taught me…

I expected that being a Girl Scout leader for my kids would involve a lot of hours and also many craft projects. I love craft projects. What I didn’t expect was to find so many empowering messages and lessons that I can apply in my own grown up lady life. From how to build a proper fire to embracing and treating all fellow girls as sisters – there’s a lot of girl power here. Here are some of my favorites so far – lessons I think we can all use.

#1: I will do my best to be responsible for what I say and do
This is my favorite line in the Girl Scout Law because so many people don’t feel they should be held accountable for their actions and oh, you really should. When my girls speak the Girl Scout law and promise to do their best in everything from honesty to making a difference in the world – it gets me. Focusing on being a positive and contributing woman in this society. Yes. I will.

#2: Girls can do anything
Not only do the Girl Scouts have my heart for being so inclusive to anyone who identifies as a girl (yes!), and for being known for saying we all make our own choices and have our own opinions and that is great, but they also encourage the girls that they can do anything. This is something so many of us women lose – we forget that we have choices and options and can do darn near anything! Ok, so I won’t become a professional athlete most likely but I could learn any sport if I try. I could get into politics, go back to school, learn a new skill or craft, and anything else I can dream up. Maybe I could apply to an amazing website and ask if I could write some articles for them…

#3: Break it down into steps
When the girls work on new skills and earning patches things are broken down into steps. From speaking with a professional to trying a new skill, spending time practicing something to sharing your newfound knowledge with others the seemingly big tasks are broken down into manageable steps. When I wanted to launch my new website things were wildly overwhelming – until I took a page from the Girl Scouts and broke it down and took it one step at a time.

#4: Be a sister to every Girl Scout
We extend this to every girl – and we all really need this one. There is enough crime, drama, and pain in the world as it is. To be an encouraging and supportive person to each and every girl and woman I encounter is something I most definitely want to take on. I will smile, look for ways to help, and always support the successes and triumphs as well as be there for the hard times for all the women in my life.

#5: Be curious and learn new things
We don’t all have to like the same things, but it is always good to be curious and to work on learning new things. Some of the badges I’ve helped the girls earn I am an expert at – and that feels great to share my knowledge. Other times? Well there are badges that I’m learning right along with them and it feels fantastic. Maybe it is learning about the process of making pottery or perhaps the proper steps to safely build and cook over an open flame. I am consistently learning new things and being inspired to be more curious by the girls in our troop.

So thanks Girl Scouts, not just for the yummy cookies but for all you do for my daughters. From summer camp to learning about independence, figuring out how to properly care for our puppy to finding ways to better serve their community I’ve seen so much wonderful growth for my daughters. Even more though, perhaps, has been all of the reminders on being a better woman, mom, and friend that I myself have gotten.

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  1. A well-written and inspiring article, May. I cannot imagine an editor not wanting to publish it. That is disappointing, I’m sure, but you reach a lot of us here on your own blog, so thank you for sharing it.

  2. Your article is somewhere big, it’s on the www and it’s reached me here in London. A Great message to focus on in challenging times.

  3. thank you Mel! It is beyond ok that it didn’t get picked up… that is a story for another day!

  4. Well said. Yay for an organization that promotes caring, learning and empowerment. We can use more of that in the world. Love that you are learning right along with your girls. I have fond memories of my Girl Scout days.

  5. I agree. This is so well written and really deserves to be published. Love your attitude. This is really inspiring. I’ve admired you for a while, but when you signed on to be the leader the admiration went thru the roof big time. You really rock this mom/woman/sister gig too, you really do. Michelle t

  6. that was a very well written article May. I was a girl scout when I was a child and my mom was my troop leader. I have a lot of fond memories of those years. I recall that even at that time, there was no discrimination as we had a member who was a Jehovah’s witness. She did not celebrate birthdays, Christmas and was not allowed to say the pledge of allegience-but she was included in all other activities.

    What a powerful message that us women need to stand together–and how wonderful to be a part of that with your daughters.

  7. My sister is a scout leader and GS mom, as well. I just sent her the link to your post. My favorite thing about scouts? The cookies! 🙂

  8. You sound like the best Girl Scout leader ever! You are taking this role seriously as well as having fun with it.
    Words of wisdom for everyone here!

  9. may,
    This was a really nice article with lots of information !
    It made it half way around and under, Australia!
    Keep them coming May!

  10. Well, I really liked your article! And you’re absolutely right – that’s a lot of good stuff for us to practice in our adult lives.

  11. What a great post May. I feel my heart glowing with girl power as I read! I love that the GS will take anyone who identifies as a girl too. I have a friend whose daughter is now identifying as a male and this has been an incredibly difficult journey for the whole family – nice to see that some organisations are willing to help people with this kind of thing!

  12. What a fabulous reminder that what we teach our daughters can be important lessons for ourselves! I may not always succeed in treating all women like sisters, but it’s certainly my goal.
    I loved watching my daughter grow through Girl Scouts, too, and Now that she’s in high school I love that she is not afraid to step up and volunteer when help is needed and she has such a good attitude about what she’s capable of.
    I was lucky enough to be a leader, too, and I felt that all the girls were my daughters and each had their own special gift to share. I miss those days, but feel that I still have a connection to those girls that will never fade (for me at least.)

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