Winners + RANDOM Happy mail post!

Long story short: I’m in the home stretch of the “cleaning & sorting” phase of moving every single item OUT of my studio. Want the long version? Stay tuned next month I will begin posting a weekly studio progress series!

My point: I just noticed the prizes sitting here… as in… I FORGOT TO DRAW!! So, to draw numbers and the winners are:

Keetha Mosley – my class + random stamps/stencil goodies
Joanne Rosario – Simon Says Stamp stamps & dies
JBarnes – Hazel & Ruby big washi tape assortment

Email me ladies and let me know which prize you won + where to ship it!! I will get it out ASAP!

But wait, there’s more!! I have stamps, dies, and assorted goodies and supplies enough to fill 2-3 flat rate USPSย boxes that I will ship off to lovely blog readers here. One catch and I’m SO sorry – all my give-aways are international friendly normally – it would be 4x the rate to ship these boxes overseas so unless you’re willing to chip in for that kind of shipping this is a USA addy give-away please. So I don’t forget to draw for a week (egads where does time go?!) this give-away will be open until Thursday (march 26th) morning and winners will be randomly drawn and contacted. To enter for your chance to win one of these boxes of fun goodies just leave a comment here! Would you share them with friends? New and building a stash? Just want some fun crafty goodness? Let me know and good luck!

90 thoughts on “Winners + RANDOM Happy mail post!”

  1. May, if I were to get chosen randomly, I would be most happy to pay postage and shipping. I live in Canada.

  2. I would share with a group of friends who all enjoy crafting as much as I do! We are due for a day of creative fun together!!

  3. if I won, I would most definitely share them with my two best friends, who are also fellow crafters!

  4. Hi May, congrats on working on your studio. it feels good, doesn’t it! If I won your random give away I would keep it to inspire myself AND share with my sister who got me into this wonderful hobby many years ago. Thanks!

  5. I would love a big ol box of goodies from your stash! I have a friend new to crafting so I would be super thrilled to share it with her too. Thank you!

  6. I would love some new things to play with. It is so hard for me to make time for myself, but this would make me do it! Thanks for the chance!

  7. wow! How nice of you to share! I’d be glad to pass the favor on – to my daughter or a friend who’s been dabbling in mixed media.

  8. I would dearly love to have crafting friend to share with if my number was choosen. (To bad you can’t send a crafting friend with the box. That would make my day.) But I would be glad to give some crafting supplies a new home and be inspired by them.

  9. Fun! I would love some new stuff and would most definitely share with my friend and sister-in-law, my only crafty and scrappy friends who still scrap with me. Thanks for the opportunity to win some fun stash.

  10. Hi May, congrats on the clean up going on. I don’t have any crafty friends, and I don’t have a huge stash, so I’d love some new things to play with. Thanks very much for the chance. Michelle t

  11. I have quite a few crafty friends to share some goodies with. Would be fun to play with some new stuff. Thanks for the chance!

  12. I would love to give your stash a new home. My daughter has just gotten into scrapbooking and I would love to share with her.

  13. If I won I would share with some crafty friends. I’m actually having 2 crafty friends from out of state coming to visit me next month & I could make up some welcome goodie bags for them.

  14. We moved a few years ago and I don’t have many friend over here so would add this to my stash. I love the stamps you use and would love to try some out., Hopefully I will find someone to share with.

  15. it would be great to be one of the winners and share with a couple of my crafty friends! Thanks for the chance.

  16. I am always ready for “crafty goodness” to use and share with my cropping friends. would love to win. thanks for the chance and thanks for great “happy crafting”!

  17. I bet it feels good sorting through everything and getting ready for a “new room”! I would love some new crafty items, might jump start me back into more creativity. I would totally share with friends, they would be happy too!

  18. Hi may! Love your work! Just starting to dabble in mixed media- never thought I was the creative type , but I love trying new things! If I was lucky enough to win, I’d throw a “try mixed media” scrapping party at my house and play with my friends

  19. January 1 I moved to an island that has an extreme craft/art supply deficiency. (daughter is in med school so we are here for a while) I would so love to increase supplies for myself and those around me that I will joyfully assist with shipping! It is cost prohibitive to purchase and ship so this would be of great help. Thank you

  20. If I was so lucky to win one of your boxes I would share it with my daughter and grandchildren. my daughter is a school teacher and my grandkids love to craft with nana!

  21. Would love to have some new goodies to play with. Many extras go to my sister and now that I’m looking at becoming at grandmother, my daughter would benefit as well.

  22. A good sort is always a good idea! I’d do a bit of both. stamps and dies have been my go-to items lately.

  23. Congratulations on the craft room redo! And thank you for this wonderful opportunity! It is an easy question, I would share with my two best buddies (Sammy age 16 and Ally age 8). They are my daughters and my inspiration for everything I do.

  24. I wish I had local crafty friends to share with, but I would just have to have some crafty fun by myself. My stash is just right in my opinion but that’s all relative, of course! Always can enjoy something new. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the big reveal!

  25. Sharing is so much fun, but none of my friends scrap. I truly keep trying to convert them! So depending on what I might win I might be able to share with my one crafty granddaughter or simply expand my collection. I have really been missing out on creating and blog reading. Amazing how much time it take to plan a Disney vacation, buy a new car, plan for more surgeries, and just take care of the house. Most fun is my Disney planning, especially since it has been so long since we have been. Yes, I shall share Poly photos.

  26. I am usually very,very good about sharing. BUT stuff from your stash-I might not be quite as good as usual.

  27. Thank you so much for giving us all an opportunity to win some goodies. I would share with a Senior center I donate to.

  28. It does feel good, doesn’t it?? I am in the process of spring cleaning, with my sidekick, of course, and it is proving to be most difficult to purge with her around—she wants to keep everything!! lol.
    I would be willing to pay for postage and shipping–I am Canadian, if I were to be chosen! I would share with my sidekick (my 5 yr.craft princess!) and my scout group!
    Thanks for the chance!

  29. always need crafty goodness, but would be more than happy to share. . . thanks for your generosity. . . .

  30. Congratulations on the purge! Yes, I would share with my partners in crime…….we do exchanges all the time at the various classes we take. Thank you for spreading the goodness!

  31. HI MAY! Thanks for the chance at your goodies! A box of treats is always the best.

    I have two friends Linda and Christy that are just getting into card making and I have been sharing my stash with them. They have purchased supplies as they can and I have given them some things.

    They love painting, starting to journal and TIM Holtz. I would love to share a box of goodies between the two of them! It would be a happy day.


  33. Thank you for sharing your stash. A friend of mine got me hooked on paper crafting and shared her stash with me when times were tough. Her happy mail was beyond generous, I would share the goodies with her.

  34. I would be so excited to win some supplies. I love to use new things and try new techniques.

  35. Hi May, I would be so exciting and thrilling if I won and oh YES I would definitely share!!!! I would share with my mom, my two daughters and with my 7 son to be 8 grandchildren!! They all love to stamp and create with me!

  36. I wen thru the ‘big clean’ starting last December and am finally finishing the mess. So how much have you found that you don’t ever remember buying????

  37. I would share with friends and keep some for me! I’m heading to a scrapbook retreat in May so it would be perfect to bring some goodies for everyone to use.

  38. would most certainly share and would love a chance to look at your stash. Thanks for the offer!

  39. i would love to win some crafty goodies! I would share with my best friend and my MIL. Thanks!

  40. My daughter, who is nine, has just started getting into Mixed media, so if I were to win a box, I’d absolutely love love love to share it with her. She loves getting stuff in the mail.

  41. I would love try try some of the things you have been showing on your blog. Painting, and gesso, and layers…so much fun! Thanks for being so generous to share and send!

  42. You do such fun things! I have a friend that I get together with to scrap and make cards; I would share with her!

  43. oooh, sharing the supplies with a friend sounds fantastic! It would be the perfect excuse to have a girls’ night with a friend or two in the area and just have fun crafting. Thanks for sharing your overflow ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Many thanks for another opportunity
    To win some of your goodies!
    My fingers are crossed…

  45. Way to go on being on the final stage of the cleaning and organizing. Being on a budget I would love some new crafting goodies. Thanks for the chance to win some and to share some new goodies with crafting friends!

  46. May that’s so awesome anther chance to win crafty goodies thanks! Loving the classes.

  47. I would love to win a box of crafty goodies from you! I would definitely share with my best friends, too!!

  48. Congrats on the new space. If I won I would absolutely share with my 11 year old’s friend a budding and very creative artist that loves to make art for others. I too tend to give away more than I keep.

  49. I would love to win something from your personal stash. Maybe it would be the inspiration that I need to get motivated!

  50. I would love to win of course! And if I won I would definitely share with several of my friends who are also crafty! Great job getting your studio cleaned – I recently did so too but not a major overhaul.

  51. Wow, this is so generous…thanks for the opportunity. I’d love some new goodies to inspire some different projects, and would pay it forward by sharing some of my stash with scrapping friends. have fun with the new space. I aspire to do some cleaning out myself, but we’ll see!

  52. Hmmm…. I think I would have fun in my art journal, make some scrapbook layouts, and I’m sure my daughter would join in ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ah – nothing like a freshly cleaned space to inspire me to mess it up! ๐Ÿ™‚ glad you are making progress on yours.

  53. pick me pick me pick me….although i would love to keep the winnings to myself, I do have many scrapping buddies who i share with, so they will be put to good use. thanks for the chance!

  54. If I were chosen to win a big box of crafty goodies, I would share them with my friends at the senior center where my husband and I have lunch most days. The ladies there are always interested in learning new crafts. I have taught a few there in the past.

  55. New crafty goods are reason for a celebration – of course I’d have friends over and share

  56. I love the inspiration that comes with new supplies, thanks for the chance to win! And, I’d definitely share with friends!

  57. COngratulations on your studio and stash spring cleaning! If I were chosen, I’d share with my scrapbooking friends.

  58. Congrats to all the winners – and thanks for the chance to win May.
    I would be happy to pay for postage if I am the lucky winner!

  59. I’m looking forward to your studio cleaning video! I’m always looking for new ideas on how to organize supplies. What a great idea to pay it forward with your excess stash! My daughter is getting ready for college in the fall and I would love to send her off with crafting goodies of her own. (I’ve been buying duplicates of tools over the last year, so she can continue her love of crafting when she leaves home.) Loved your art journal page on the previous post. The blues and the texture are just beautiful.

  60. my first time seeing this…may be just under the wire…hopefully! Am in usa, but also happy to share postage if my name is drawn. Tku !

  61. Hi May, what a generous giveaway, so cool. I would love to be like everyone else and say I would share with friends, but to be honest I don’t have any family or friends to share with. It’s just me and hubby and my 80 yr old mom, I have tried several times to get her to craft with me but she wants no part of it. but I would be thrilled to win, I love to scrap and make cards and do crafts it would be so cool to have a surprise arrive in the mail with some fun things to play with and add to my stash. also I have a school right next door to us and another one a block down, I could always donate some to them, my mom donated all her painting supplies a few years back when she gave it up, that would be cool. thanks.

  62. Wowwie! so glad I love in the usa!!! I’d love to win one of your baggies–you only use the very best stuff!!! Thanks so much for the chance!!!!

  63. I don’t have crafty friends where I am at, but I know I would enjoy them. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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