I’m playing with new Faber Castell clear gel medium stuff (video coming to YouTube next week) and I am also trying to work out ways to work in my art journal and have an area be left totally clean. This isn’t the technique/look I was going for but I’m getting closer to what I want. bit by bit. NO pressure here in my journal – I just play.


My word is inspired by the new Netflix show Unbreakable. I watched it all very quickly as I worked so it isn’t surprising the word wound up in the journal. The show is funny and light – I wish it had gotten a bit deeper though. Could have been just as funny but with a bit more meat if that makes sense. The overall message is a real good one – she’s not a victim, she’s not going to give up or let life break her. She’s going to get up and go at it again. and again. Put in the work and make her dreams a reality. Love that!

4 thoughts on “Unbreakable.”

  1. Sounds like a cool show, I’ve never seen it. But I like the message. Which is one you whole heartedly believe in, I know. Michelle t

  2. I look forward to the video and what a great idea for a piece. I watched Unbreakable on a binge last week while my hubby was traveling. So great, and your description is spot on!

  3. I am curious to to know what you think of the faber-castell gel medium. I bought some at Michaels and I have yet to try it since I have been taking care of a sick child this week.

  4. I like that … and will have to look out for that show. I always like your book recommendations so I’m thinking I’ll like your TV shows too!

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