Card with Prima Watercolor pencils and Tim Holtz bunny stamp


I’ve got some new (Prima) watercolor pencils that I’m trying out. So far I’m really liking them and I will check back in with a full review soon!


Today I have a simple card I created – I took a favorite Tim Holtz bunny stamp, used white embossing powder, then colored with the pencils.


Along the way I used the water brush (which is great!) to blend the color. I’m really having fun playing with these – and a simple stamped image is a great way to start!


I like how this one turned out, and I look forward to playing more with these pencils and doing a full report.

026 copy

For now, just enjoying a few stolen moments and this Easter card.

8 thoughts on “Card with Prima Watercolor pencils and Tim Holtz bunny stamp”

  1. Cute card and coloring, can’t wait for your review of the Prima watercolor pencils. I bought some but haven’t had a chance to use them yet.

  2. Cute card, but where’s the dog? You know that Scrappy has her own fan club, don’t you?

  3. I bought this stamp the first time you posted with it-and have yet to use ti. I am digging it out tonight! I love the simplicity of this card.

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