Hey there, love.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. It is very exciting to me because it marks the end of the awful cringe-worthy jewelry commercial season. *throws confetti and blows into a celebratory horn*

Celebrating love and good people in general? We’re all for that any day of the year. Heart shaped foods? Yes please. Over-priced/hyped/intense romance? Pass. I see people get so worked up over the material side of holidays like this – and that bums me out. Perfectly happy to just try and give shout outs to people we care about and/or to simply be reminded to say nice things more and show more appreciation always.

Also… pajamas and relaxing sounds far more appealing than crowded restaurants and over-priced roses.

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So yes, this Valentine’s Day you can find me trying not to eat chocolates or buy a heart shaped cake. Oh, and also I will crafting up a (hopefully) fantastic storm. I will try not to go to Krispy Kreme for heart shaped donuts either. C’mon will power…

7 thoughts on “Hey there, love.”

  1. Pretty card!! I love those birds! I’m so with you on all the silly hype that tries to get you to spend money on a bunch of crap. Today is my 28th wedding anniv. and we will celebrate with a nice steak (AT HOME) and a couple of beers. And some crafty time during the day today makes it my kind of day! Have a great weekend May!

  2. Cool card. Love the colors. I really like this set of stamps too. Pajamas and relaxing? I’m all for that! Happy vday. Enjoy. Michelle t

  3. such a cute card..love the colors and design..
    These two birds don’t really seem to want to kiss..it feels like the left one wants to get away from the kiss..the right one wants to give…maybe she is shy??
    .Don’t you think?
    It first hit me when I saw this stamp set from the CHA..

  4. Love those scribbly birds! They’re colored so nicely and they’re funny how they appear to be looking at each other. Do I spot a smile on the right-hand bird?

  5. I’m with you … pjs and relaxing is so much better than hype!
    Great card.
    Hubby was away so Conor and I watched Gravity together – always nice!

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