Scrappy Saturday: the cupcake cookie

From the tiny shop George we discovered in Berkeley… the girls each picked Scrappy a treat.

IMG_9298 copy

She was sooooo patient as she let us snap a few photos before she devoured it. errr… I mean delicately nibbled ladylike dainty bitesĀ from it.

6 thoughts on “Scrappy Saturday: the cupcake cookie”

  1. Ha ha…delicately nibbled… my dog Bailey delicately nibbles too. So cute. Isn’t it fun when we find our best friends something special? Michelle t

  2. May, I love seeing how much fun you and your family are having with Scrappy. I truly love this! By the way, I have a recipe for frozen yogurt dog treat like the one you can purchase in the store. It take very little time to make; the dogs love it, and it is much cheaper than purchasing already made.

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