Fun in Berkeley CA and inspiration gathering

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Jason needed to run a few errands in Berkeley one Saturday morning and so we all said “why not?” and hopped in the car. We enjoyed breakfast at 900 Grayson (fabulous!) before heading to 4th street. Well – the girls and I hit  4th street. Jason went on his errands!

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What was so fantastic is that wandering around those artsy little shops refilled my “inspiration tanks” in my crazy brain. Really didn’t buy much – but did get inspired to head home and use what I’ve got! Above you see images from Scrapbook Territory (HUGE AND FAB shop!) and Castle In The Air an amazing fantastic shop that is paper and treasures and vintage and you never quite know what’s inside.

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We also wandered Paper Source, Papyrus, Anthropologie, and much more. We discovered a new to us dog store called George that was just the cutest and full of treasures we wanted to show Scrappy. We also found what the girls called a “fake dessert” place (100% vegan including ice cream) and decided next time to do better research on where to find the real deal sweets!

If asked, they say the scrapbook store dogs (Oliver pictured below) are their faves.

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Me? I liked exploring known places of inspiration, bringing home new albums for 2015 scrapbooks, and just spending a bit of time playing hooky when I had so many things to do back at home.

I will be returning to Scrapbook Territory to teach an Art Journal workshop so very soon – so stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Fun in Berkeley CA and inspiration gathering”

  1. Cool, May! Awesome photos. Love seeing all your fun inspiration, and hubby and girls too. Looked like an awesomely fun day, and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! Michelle t

  2. I’ve been to 900 Grayson … love it and it’s close to the new Berkeley Bowl. Now I need to go find that Pull My Finger stamp. ha ha!

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