This week my head is in the creative clouds..


This week… well my head really was up in the clouds as I COMPLETELY went off topic and was playing with the pretty kit and just, well, forgot the challenge theme! WHOOOPS!


It’s cool though – I can tie this in because the theme is “in the clouds”! Simon is, as always, offering a generous $50 voucher that will be randomly drawn from the eligible entries each week. Join the fun by creating a project this week – and for your chance to win a $50 voucher you should hop on over and join in the challenge here.


My project started simple (haha) and actually took less than an hour of actual craft time. Want to see how I made it?  I made videos! Yes!

028 copy

Supplies Used:

The 3-part series of tutorial videos – and many more to come – all are on my YouTube channel here. I’m almost into a good groove here of having new content up every week! So if there is anything you’d like to see featured – let me know!

18 thoughts on “This week my head is in the creative clouds..”

  1. Very cool canvas. I thought it was a card. Beautiful layering and texture with that gold paste!

  2. This is so beautiful. I watched part 1 and 2, will go watch 3 later today. You are amazing you rock star you. Anyway I am curious…have you or do you work with colored pencils? I’d love to see a tutorial, a general how to, what you need, etc, video about that if you do. Thanks. Michelle t

  3. Oh May,
    This is just beautiful (& inspirational!)
    Am gonna get my craft back on, will have to hit the local shops (am not at home so may be difficult)
    And do the best I can to try this!

  4. Gorgeous piece! I love watching your creative process. Isn’t it funny how a piece can just take you in it’s own direction. That’s what I love best about doing projects on canvas. Thanks for doing this and looking forward to more!

  5. Such a beautiful project, May and I love all the texture you’ve created and the embellishments are just the perfect finishing touch! 🙂

  6. Ha, ha! I laughed at your clever interpretation of the theme this week! Way to think outside the box! I really liked this piece, too, and how you always include such great instructions and tips.

  7. I love how your canvas turned out, May! I don’t really do mixed media myself, unless I happen to mix mediums on a card or scrapbook layout, but it was fun watching you work and listening to your commentary. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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