Finding the art in your journal…

So excited that this is the week – the day in fact- that my “Finding the Art in Your Journal” class launches.  You just need paper + something to write with. All mediums/supplies other than that are optional.

The class starts now – and runs live for the next month. It’ll remain available as a self-paced class after that so no rush… oh except one thing. I keep adding SO MUCH CONTENT and value! So much so, that the pre-sale price of $15 is going away really soon – so sign up before Monday if you want to get in at the lowest price!


When I build classes I always price the pre-class/pre-registration price at where I expect students to get a good value. But when content gets carried away and I end up building a much bigger class than anticipated? well… that price can go up! So remember that with me? Signing up early always = best price. Another way to guarantee? Be sure you’re on my email newsletter (link in blog side-bar) list so you are first to know + get exclusive discounts!

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Alright that’s enough business talk for one day. I’m off to dream and doodle in my journal!

4 thoughts on “Finding the art in your journal…”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of washi tape, May! Sorry, got distracted. I would love a look at your studio one of these days. Anyway… your art journal pages are always a treat, even when you think it’s not much to look at.

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