CHA 2015: Hot Product Hazel & Ruby Washi

CHA awarded company Hazel & Ruby with an award for best new product in general crafts yesterday at the annual trade show. What was this product?

1413 copy

Huge rolls of washi tape. Available in several sizes, the company intends these to be used for décor – anything from adding strips to your wall to decorating dull furniture. I poked around the booth and was inspecting their samples pretty critically – that’s what I do – and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. I walked in expecting to dismiss it but I found two things.

1415 copy

1. I was intrigued by the idea and the possibilities it presented in my brain.

2. It is stickier than normal washi so I believe it will stay put relatively well, and I’m told it will absolutely NOT leave residue behind when you remove it.

1420 copy

This company really is doing their best to come up with interesting and innovative products and to encourage crafters to think bigger, to create and decorate their spaces with a bit of simple DIY creating.

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In addition to their décor washi, they also released new wrap it up designs, and stencils as well.

1427 copy

1437 copy

I came home from the show with a roll of the new washi to test out – so I will be trying some things with it and reporting back soon.

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This is really just the start of my CHA show 2015 coverage – we’ve got so much to talk about!

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  1. Oooonhh, let us know how sticky it is!

    I’d seen the 6″x12″ sheets in the Stampin’ Up! Occasion Catalog, and thought about getting them from my party. Interesting to see how they compare.

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