14 thoughts on “sequin scrappy saturday..”

  1. Ha! So awesome — what a great photo.

    Does Scrappy eat sequins? I’m just asking because because one of my dogs was pooping out red and green sequins after Christmas, which I assume she had licked off the floor of my craft room. This is the same dog that rolled in the spilled glitter at Halloween time.

  2. He has to have the cutest baby face for a dog! He has a look of delight, as he did something fun & doesn’t care if he got caught! Thanks for posting these occasionally; a nice treat for sure!

  3. I didn’t see it at first, then I started laughing so hard, I was glad I wasn’t drinking anything at the time. That Scrappy dog!

  4. So cute. Don’t have a pooch is this household but I regularly find a cat asleep on my craft table (or my work in progress layout if I don’t remember to put it away :)) – yep easy solution would be to close the door except they are bi-fold and smart cat has learnt how to open them!

  5. Scrappy: Mom, I’m not guilty! Honest! How can you resist this face?

    Mom: You wouldn’t tell a lie, would you?

    Scrappy: Whatever would give you that idea?

    She is so adorable, May!

  6. Way too cute! Love the innocent face! And I’m impressed that you managed to get her to sit still for the photo!

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