Operation studio makeover part 1: remove the ick

Stage #1 of my cleaning/reorganizing process: Removing all the ick.

I am beginning the huge process of repainting and reflooring my studio space. The task is so HUGE I can hardly wrap my mind around how to make it happen. Basically I’ve got to remove every single item in here to paint + do flooring. But how to minimize the time that this stuff is out in the hall and my bedroom? How to minimize how much is coming?

As I stated first – remove the ick. Reducing my stash, removing garbage of any kind, thinning out my recycle items that may or may not some day ever get altered… removing everything I possibly can BEFORE I ever start moving stuff out. This will also minimize the time I can’t be creating¬†which is good!


This is my current closet office. This is everything in there, and no it won’t stay this way long (I hope!) My old desk really wasn’t working well so it’ll need to be replaced. For now though, I’ll be sharing my chair with scrappy dog (haha) and/or working at the table or in bed when the laptop is out. Basically – photos + a few DVDs +¬†printer + art that will stay is hanging on the wall. This area is cleared.

Next up?

Stamps. Inks. All drawers and shelves of existing storage. Repeat until all the “go away” is gone…

7 thoughts on “Operation studio makeover part 1: remove the ick”

  1. Good luck with phase one! I had to work at a temporary table while my den was carpeted and painted a few years ago — well worth it, but I was very happy to get back into the space!

  2. Sometimes, I think clearing out is the fun part. Getting to the heart of the stuff you really value is so gratifying. Then on to imagining the possibilities of using all that great stuff!

  3. Have fun with this invigorating process. My new craft room already needs a major clean out of items I shall never use. I have a garbage bin of items that were to be repurposed, but I believe that their purpose is to weigh me down. Enjoy your journey to fresh paint and a new floor!

  4. Just keep forefront in your mind how fabulous your new room will look when you are finished ! You go girl!
    I am working on a similar project , only ramped up a few levels…I have to go through my whole house in preparation for a move.

  5. Earlier this year I had to empty out my entire studio to have new flooring installed. We had the entire house 2,000 sq feet refloored. Yes it was a huge project, but it had to be done. So prior to emptying out the studio, I organized the entire room. I am super organized, so it was just a matter of going through every draw, shelf etc and getting rid of anything I didn’t need. I also came up with a better floor plan, and once it was done I was thrilled. Advice …don’t stress. It will be a wonderful feeling once you accomplish this task. Oh and I decided not to paint. I will do it later, someday,

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