Let’s do something good.

Sometimes I feel stuck, in a rut, like I should be doing better/more/different things creatively. Sometimes I come across mean things written about me and how much I stink as a creative person. I can think that I’m not “enough”… and you guys know that is no way to live life or be thinking!!

Does this happen to you? I am betting I’m not alone and let me just say I am so sick of believing all the bad. When someone knocks on my door I assume it is to sell me something or for nefarious reasons. If someone tells me they need to talk to me I assume I’m in trouble somehow or have messed something up. WHY?! This is such a negative habit I have – I want to work on it big time.

A few weeks ago I saw this on the wall at my aunt’s house.


It was made by my great grandmother. It inspired me so much, and when I just stumbled across these photos that I snapped of it I was super excited. Not just about remembering to post the photos and talk about how cool this piece is, but that creatively the only thing that matters is me + enjoyment.

All I need to do, is to create things I like, to enjoy the process, and to focus on the amazing positive energy in the creative world. There are so many wonderful people out there doing incredible things – and I can just do my thing and be a part of that. Oh I can do my best, and try hard because that’s just who I am. But I don’t have to worry or wonder because end of the day, and as Taylor Swift says… haters gonna hate and the fakers gonna fake. I can just shake, shake, shake it off.


I have so many ideas in my head, so many things I want to share and write and show you all. I guess bottom line, is that I want to say thank you. For reading this blog, for the encouraging and kind comments you always leave, and for giving me positive feedback. I know I’ll never get to 100% of the things I want to make or see or do – but I can have fun on the journey. And I’m grateful you’re coming along for the ride.

I have some very cool things brewing for this space in 2015, and I can’t wait to share more. Right now though I’m sick as can be (and still have kiddo with pneumonia…) and need to go plan today’s girl scout meeting that starts in a few hours soo….

off I go.

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  1. Beautiful piece by your great-grandmother. It looks like pieces of jewelry my mom loved to wear; FULL of color and life. She passed away Dec 19th, 2010. All of her daughters split the jewelry amongst ourselves. Nothing of great monetary value, but OH SO VALUABLE. Thanks for bringing that memory back to the forefront today.

    On the negativity, I share this quote that I refer to often: “there has got to be a better way to live this one, short, precious life than by going around counting the ways I suck”.  Nathalie Hardy

    Merry Christmas! I hope your kiddo gets better real soon.

  2. I truly don’t know how someone could say a bad word about you. I don’t “know” you personally, but I have been taking your classes for many years and in addition to being talented, you are funny and honest. I’ve learned so much from you and you’ve helped me find my scrap mojo more times than I can count. You keep rockin it May because you are doing great things and I am excited to see what is next!

  3. You keep doing your thing and let the haters hate. There will always be two more people who love your work for the one who puts you down. Hell, if you every need a boost, shoot me an e-mail and I can send you a like letter. lol… And that piece your great grandmother made rocks!

  4. May you are awesome just the way you are. Keep enjoying the journey and focus on the creating. I too can’t imagine anyone saying something bad or negative about you. While I haven’t had that experience I have been disappointed over not making a design team or being recognized in challenges that I enter. That’s when those thoughts of needing to do something different or comparing myself to others happen. Thank goodness there are artists like you out there who are keeping it real and fresh. I always feel better when I visit your blog. Thank You!

  5. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, and Elizabeth is still so sick. I hope you both feel better soon. I have the very same thought process, and I’ve not been able to shake it. I admire you. You are an amazing and talented person. And kind and generous too. I’ve loved every class I’ve taken and I’m sure will love future ones too. Oh and I so definitely can’t wait to see what’s coming. Your blog is a joy to come read, I hope you know that. Michelle t

  6. Remember the old saying stick and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me. Those of us that are creative, have a sensitivity that others can penetrate. Be who you are, create from your inner being, forget what others say, they just don’t get it. Your work is an expression go who YOU are, no one else. You are a unique being created by God. So keep on doing what makes you happy. Tomorrow will be better.

  7. I am praying for you today May. For your family to that all of you will enjoy good health and cheer. That encouragement will be present in your day today. I want to remind you that you are a masterpiece made by God and the he blesses the work of your hands and all you need to do is start your day giving all your worries and burdens to him. He cares very deeply for you and your family. I want to leave you with the words of Elisabeth Elliot : ” You are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

  8. Well, now I know where you got your awesome crafty genes. That is one stunning piece, thank you Great-Grandma and thank you May for being an inspiration to all your fans. Love ya’ Patricia B

  9. We love you May! Hope you feel better soon. My mother-in-law made something very similar with the grandchildren. The decorative trees got framed and get hung up every year. She is not with us any more, but we love the memories whenever we catch sight of the artwork!

  10. wow! Your great-grandmother is so inspirational! That tree is lovely.

    I’m in a similar place. My head tends to stick with the negatives. We just have to keep fighting the good fight and tell ourselves all the positive and minimize the negative! I think of it this way – out of the BILLIONS of people alive in the world I will never ever please everyone. Who do I care about the most – that is all that matters. If someone I care about just does not like what I am doing, I will reflect on it and then decide what is best for my family and self.
    Bottom line = MANY MANY of us love ya! That is what counts!

    You are so wonderful to do all that is involved with being a GS leader!!

    Hope everyone feels better soon.

  11. Regarding my comment about the billions of people in the world – I have finally accepted that there are people that are going to dislike/hate me. I now “own” that and know that those are not the ones who determine my life. They exist, I cannot change them, and they are not worth the energy.

  12. Hi May, Don’t listen to people who dislike you, you are better than them and you have so many many followers who do LIKE you and LOVE your work, so just shrug your shoulders and ignore them, water off a duck’s back, love your great grandmothers piece, it is lovely, and hope you and your kiddo get well soon,

  13. Pfffftttt. That’s all I have to say to people who have nothing good to say. Someone’s always going to find something to say just to stir up trouble.

    You know your value, so the heck with them. Keep showing us your work and we’ll keep enjoying it.

  14. May – so sorry that people have said hateful things. Says nothing about you and everything about them. Your work is wonderful and an inspiration to so many. Let those knuckleheads say what they want. They are just jealous!!

    You have many fans and people who think you are the best!!

  15. I recently found some drawings I made as a little girl…I was 7 or 8 and the smile and memories of creating these 40 years ago…priceless! I do remember one of them being for a contest “Smokey the Bear” and I was so proud of the Honorable Mention ribbon I received. Recognition for trying…what a lesson in life back then. I always visit here because I know it is you that I get to know on the posts…the ups and down..the journey. It’s the best part! I don’t know what is happening in our country or our world…but kindness and celebrating our uniqueness is what I chose to let in my world. I hope you and your family are well on your way to shaking the health issues we all face at this time..and know you are well loved here in Oklahoma!

  16. I cannot believe that someone would criticize your creativity. How nasty, cruel, and wrong that is!! I have been admiring your work for quite awhile, and that is why I started following your blog. After seeing your work on various blogs, I had to check you out for myself. Now I not only love your work, I also love your attitude and outlook on life. You are a beautiful person, and don’t let anyone ever make you feel differently. Some people are just hateful–phooey on ’em.
    I adore your great-grandmother’s piece; it is gorgeous!! Talent my be genetic 🙂

  17. May, I am sorry you and your adorable little girl are feeling sick. I hope you feel better.

    And as for the nay-sayers——-I always try to remember that if someone is putting me down it is about them. They are insecure, or just plain mean and the only way they can make themselves feel better is by making someone els feel bad.

    I love your classes and have signed up for most of them. I love how you say “oops”, I love that they are not so pre-planned that you just fly right through the entire project with never a glitch. Thanks for all your inspiration.

    And next time some hater says something about you, just a watch a few Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel. Haters gonna hate.

    Have a great week.

  18. I can’t imagine anyone who could find a negative thing to say about you May. Sometimes in order to make themselves feel better people have to tear down others. I feel very sad for people like that. You are truly an inspiration to me. As one who is fairly new to card making, I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations. Forget about the haters…. feel sorry for them. They will never know the true happiness one gets from creating from the heart. You my dear, keep on doing what you do. You have a true gift and those of us who love what you do, appreciate you sharing that with us. Hope you and your daughter feel better soon.

  19. May, pay no never-mind to those negative comments….they just feel bad about themselves. You give so much of yourself and constantly challenging yourself. You are so inspirational and you share that as well as showcase other talented artists. You have incredible talent and never think otherwise! Kudos to you and all your bring to this community!

    Have a wonderful holiday season and may 2015 be the best year yet for you! Keep on doing what you are doing, girlfriend. Love you!

  20. P.S. Absolutely love that tree your grandmother made…..the apple certainly did not fall far from the tree!

  21. May: I have been taking everything you have put out there ever since I learned of you. You are talented and honest and REAL. I give you huge kuddos for putting yourself out there. Your girls are adorable and I will always be in your corner.

  22. May – My grandmother also had a jewel tree, only hers was lit up with tiny christmas lights. I created one also and used lights. I just love them. Yours is beautiful!

    As for the negativity please just keep being yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t creative, talented and a wonderful person!

    Merry Christmas!

  23. You are a jewel yourself! Like great grandma’s art. You are jewel bright and full of sparkle. Yep! I bet many if not most of us feel the same things all too often. I do – too darn often. A police person follows me and I think, “What have I done? What’s wrong with my car?” Self doubt is a killer of joy. Yet I think it’s pretty normal too unless one is narcissistic.

    But hey – it hasn’t stopped you from being the artist who has inspired us, tickled us and taught us. The good you do is vastly more powerful than any doubts you let sleek in to that pretty & clever head of yours. It takes chutzpah to put yourself out there like you do. We are richer for you.

  24. Really gorgeous piece!!! Remember to concentrate on those of us who always love and appreciate what you do. An old favorite of mine is. “I can only please one person per day and today is not your day. Tomorrow isn’t looking good for you either,”

  25. Hi May, sending healing thoughts your way for you and your daughter to get better. There’s a lot of negative energy out there in the world and it hurts when it’s directed at us. We keep creating and that is a healing process. I always believe the good outweighs the bad, and I can only hope those hurtful people stop. You have a LOT to offer, and we love you! Keep your ideas coming!!

  26. I can’t believe that there are those people out there who want to dwell on negativity. You are such a fun, talented giving woman. To heck with them!!

  27. This is gorgeous, and what a great use of bits of old jewelry! It must be even more special because your great-grandmother made it! It’s a good idea to focus on the positive, because life is too short to worry about what the haters think! Wishing you and your family health and happiness over the holidays and in the New Year! I personally can’t wait to see what ideas you have come up with!

  28. Hi May,
    Don’t listen to those very negative people with those horrible comments. They are more likely jealous of you and your talent. I look forward to your emails and eagerly look out for your classes that are coming up. I have done many of your classes over the past few years and I will continue to do so, many of my friends here also do your classes, so have a great Christmas with your lovely family. Best wishes from Diane from”The Land from Down Under”

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