The view from here…


So I was laying on the floor (not sure why) and snapped this photo. Things are changing and mixing up here in the studio. I am cleaning, reorganizing, and prepping for the big repainting and reflooring coming soon…

What organizational stuff is working for you? What do you have set up in a good way? What could be better?

I’ll begin documenting my process soon as I get off the floor and get serious!

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  1. I just re-arranged my studio…the flow was off. Not sure if the flow will be better…I’m hoping so. I organize my stamps like Jennifer McGuire and stamping is my first love in scrapping so I keep those along with inks near me. I also just moved my copics closer…been using them a lot more!

  2. Too funny…I love the fact that you are lying on the floor procrastinating about where to start.

  3. I use a DVD holder mounted to the wall to hold my ink pads so I can store the right side up and label them with a swatch of color on the long side. I like this better because 1. It’s cheap 2. Within reach and 3. It leaves more room in my valuable drawer space and it’s not bulky like a woo deal mount ink pad holder that cost a ton of $. I also store my paper and stamps like Jennifer Maguire except I use different clear pockets. For my 12×12 paper I used 12″ clear record slips/pockets I get in amazon and there is a 5mil thick one that’s amazing and I also put a same sized piece of chipboard for stability and use the 7×7 record pockets for my stencils and background stamps (my the wood kind). It makes everything easy to find, simple to get in and out as well as more of my supplies get used because everything is grouped together in one place and easy to put back so I keep my space clean. For wood stamps I got a bunch of (malm?) picture frame shelving from ikea. The shelves are extemely easy to mount and not bulky. My wood stamps of any size fit on it perfectly. I had a love hate relationship with organizing my space but I finally found a place for everything but I’m still tweaking the space where everything goes since right now it’s not bet perfect! Oh!!!! And an oldie but good with a slight difference…at ikea they only have one style left in the kallax storage. It’s a mix of cube and smaller spaces. They are super cheap right now at I think $59-$79 for one, I bought two and put a solid core (hollow core would work just as good but much lighter) unbored white door that I painted as the table top (yay! Enough space for (4) friends!). Now I have a huge work table and everything else is wall mounted to save me space and the kallax cubes and smaller spaces that I bought drawers for is now my relocated drawer space! It is still a work in progress but I’m falling more and more in love with my studio as it’s coming together and working more for my needs. Have a blast!

  4. What’s working: different sizes of vintage cut glass bowls to hold die cuts, buttons, wood veneer, washi tape, etc. My one Pinterest-worthy solution in my space — ha, ha
    What’s not working: all my woodblock stamps are in the closet because I don’t have a place to have them out in the open. But husband is going to put up a shelf for me, so this will be solved soon. 🙂

  5. I don’t like lots of stuff around, so I try to keep my supply limited. I use the cardboard boxes that craft stores sell for photo storage. I label the fronts so I know what’s inside – ribbons, stamps, dies, etc. and they go on a shelf. I can grab a box and find what I need quickly. I use a notebook with page protectors to hold unmounted stamps and large embellishments. Finally, I have a cube with a divided drawer (from Michaels) for paints, mists, glues and glitters. I’m considering buying another of the modular pieces for more storage.

  6. Fun perspective for the photo. How exciting to get new flooring and a new paint color. A lot of work but the results will be worth it. My big tip is I talked my husband into moving my storage rack (from a stamp store that closed) into my closet. It is an awesome rack but fairly ugly. So I guess I’m saying hide behind doors as much stuff as possible. It is still very visible while I’m working—just leave the doors open but I can shut the clutter up when I’m done crafting.

    I’m also using small clear shallow bowls that stack to hold wood veneer, flair and diecuts. These are nice ones from my wedding but they get a lot more use now than the occasional fancy dinner they are meant for.

    On my table I follow your advice to keep the leftover bits and pieces close at hand to add to projects as I work. After a while I throw all the leftovers on the table in a 12×12 box from Hobby Lobby. It is still close by but not in my space.

  7. May, I love your point of view! I am still organizing my almost year old craft room. It seems to always be messy which I know is not what my dh had in mind when he gifted me the semi custom room. I know I shall eventually get it together. Seeing how others put organization to work really helps. Maybe I need to get down on the floor for a new perspective.

  8. Ah – a new perspective! : ) I’m looking forward to hearing about your changes and solutions. I inherited my sister-in-law’s stash a few months ago and now have to combine it with my already full craft room. Haven’t been able to deal with it yet, so the room is basically inaccessible. Obviously I will have to be selective in what I keep and how I organize since I now have double the stuff and the same space. So, carry on and inspire me!

  9. What a great perspective for a photo! I’ve cleaned up all the piles in my craft room, so it’s back to its usual organized state . . . now ready to craft today! 🙂

  10. Can’t wait to hear about your process. Painting my room is at the top of my list… but emptying my room scares me!

  11. Love your perspective. Did you find it? lol
    Lots of things have worked for me but right now I have this (no ads promise)
    It works for catching all the stuff that used to accumulate on my work surface. Many fewer spills and thrills with it beside my work table. 😉
    The only unfortunate thing is the baskets aren’t big enough for 12×12 paper unless it is put in on the diagonal in the top.
    Have fun!

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