Spooky in love with these little stamps…

004 copy

I used a fantastic Winnie & Walter BIG set ‘o little Halloween stamps to design my own background “live” on air during a class chat. (if you’re in class – you can watch that video in the extras section!) This was inspired by an Ashli Oliver Layout – and I love the results the more I look at it!

While I know some people think I do things randomly – the truth is there is a lot of formula and tried & true stuff in my style. So it was fun to try something new – and to have it work out!


You can get a closer look at these stamps here.

I think I’m going to use them next to make some Halloween goodie bags…

4 thoughts on “Spooky in love with these little stamps…”

  1. Spooktacular card, May! Your handstamped patterned paper is boo-tastic. Okay, I will stop with the silly puns. Love the card and can’t wait to see your Halloween goodie bags! 🙂

  2. I love using small stamps to create my own background, especially when I don’t have something that would work for my project. Those Halloween stamps are too cute. Great card, May.

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