Supply sneak peek!


This is a sneaky peek of one of my 12+ projects in progress for the upcoming “supplies on hand” class. I am SO excited for this class for the following reasons:

  1. I have supplies I really need to use
  2. I love sharing ideas and challenging myself to use my stash/get creative
  3. AMAZING contributors have signed on to share their own ideas making this an exciting collaboration
  4. “live craft” sessions are back! I will do four where I take contributor ideas + make projects LIVE on air! And you can chat with me while I do
  5. I love focusing on utilizing materials that are on hand.

If you’d like to know a bit more and register you can check it all out here. Of course you can always email me if you have questions as well.

7 thoughts on “Supply sneak peek!”

  1. What a fun video! I was just “cleaning up” the workspace yesterday and found stuff I haven’t used. I thought, “What would May Flaum do with this?” Really!

    Sometimes I try to use up the last sticker on a sheet, even if I don’t like it, but I’m trying to be more creative with layering and manipulating embellishments that aren’t my most favorite (which I learned from you!). Of course, if I really don’t want something, I can always pass it on to someone who’ll use it.

  2. I have tons of metal embellishments …tons of Tim’s bits and baubbles, and chipboard alphas ….what to do what to do…..can’t wait for this class!

  3. I stopped signing up for new classes a couple of months ago so I can work through some of the online classes from the past few years that I haven’t had time to finish or review yet. However, this looks like a great class & I know your classes are always inspirational and full of content!! What to do?? What to do??

  4. Just signed up! Need to take this class before i can no longer move in my room. I’m guilty of “saving” all the beautiful papers and embellishments. Yes, I should belong to “Hoarders Anonymous”. Top photo says “it’s looking a lot like Xmas”. thank you for putting this class together.

  5. So… I’m planning a total overhaul in my “craft cave” also. Not sure if I’m going to paint the white walls but definitely removing original builder carpet… Which after 7 years of crafting is I am sure full of seed beads, embossing power, glitter and who knows what else! Eeekkk! So what do you think of just painting or staining the concrete instead of installing laminate flooring that will probably get trashed? I’m thinking of maybe doing a paper bag flooring that gets a sealant on top…. Any thoughts?
    I have mostly the jet max cubes for storage so pops of color would be introduced with lamp, curtain on coolest (instead of doors) and chairs. Do you think the walls need up be painted too?

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