When things go bad…

…whether you’ve got family drama or someone being really mean to you or it just seems like  a crap day. There is one thing and only one thing to do.

Go do nice things for someone else until you feel better.

Does it sound crazy? Random? Well let me tell you it works. I just sat down and sent a few random gifts, emails, and hand written letters to people both close to me and total strangers from the blog world that simply are inspiring me or encouraging or whatever.

These acts didn’t solve the current issue at hand, but they filled me with happy feelings and reminded me that there is a lot to be thankful for, grateful for, and a lot of amazing people out in this world who maybe could use some happy in their day too.

So this is my (semi-annual?) reminder to go out and add to the cheer/happy/good karma and watch how good you feel. When I’m looking for the positive, searching for the good things and focusing on those it makes all the problems, mean girls, and hard parts seem that much more manageable.

Now with my mood back in balance I will go work on the 8493020 projects, videos, and blog posts I have in my head but not yet down on paper! 😉

19 thoughts on “When things go bad…”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had a rough time. I do have a similar philosophy. I’ve been practicing to be mindful of people’s feelings. I really like your sweet idea. Thanks for sharing and hope you feel better. Michelle t

  2. Oh, I agree. Good wins every time. I think this saying is from the Bible. The idea of it is “Be ye not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.” You can’t buy that good feeing, you only get it with good, positive action. Thanks May, for the reminder.

  3. I love this idea, and there are so many ways to spread love and joy to others. I visit my Mom at the nursing home almost every day, and while it’s pretty heartbreaking to be there and see all the suffering, I try to smile and greet the residents I know, as well as the staff. There’s not much I can do to make things better for the people who are unhappy, lonely, and likely hurting, but I figure a smile brightens almost anyone’s day.

  4. May, please know that you are loved and respected dearly!! I’m sure your plate is more than full and you juggle a great deal daily. Keep smiling and crafting. You are awesome!!

  5. Absolutely true, May; absolutely true! Sorry that you have hit a rough patch. I’m sure that your actions will bring joy to others, and back to yourself. And I hope that our comments here will let you know that there are many who care about you even though we don’t know you in person.

  6. Mailed a package to a friend this morning-definitely made me feel good. And-I have been very remiss in commenting lately-lots of sadness here. But, I should have said this sooner-blessings for taking in and loving Scrappy. Hoping some extra good karma heads your way soon.

  7. May, hope whatever it is that is causing you to have a less-than-stellar day will be resolved soon & well for you. Thanks for the reminder to be generous and kind to one another. {{{hug}}} ~ Laura

  8. I needed to read this post tonight….I know tomorrow will be brighter and hope the same for you in the days and weeks ahead. Much love !

  9. Sorry you’re going through a bad time May. This post shows your generous spirit and positive attitude

  10. May~ I think this is a wondeful idea! I have often think about writing letters/ cards telling bloggers, but strangers how they have inspired me. How would one go about getting their address?

  11. Hope you are feeling in better spirits by now. You have such a giving and good heart that I know good will come back to you. I am so thankful for what you have given me through your blog and from the classes I have taken. Recovering from the surgery I had has been more difficult than I had anticipated, and today has been really hard to get going on anything. Finally decided to get myself up from the couch and check out your blog. Thank you. You give so much more than crafty goodness. Hope life is treating you better today.

  12. Just sent a card off to someone going through chemo for BC after having had two surgeries. Thank you for the reminder and hope things go better for you. And thank you for your generosity!

  13. You are a wonderful person who is always putting others first. You continue to encourage all of us, and you are an inspiration. I am grateful to have discovered you and your talent. I wish you happiness and kindness surround you. You are loved by so many. Continue to take good care of yourself dear May.

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