Not this girl.

How many times have I been asked “is scrapbooking dead?” well, too many to count. The long and short of it is that it isn’t dead. It isn’t in trouble. Everything is amazing actually.


This is my first scrapbook – filled the summer after second grade full of my epic amazing adventures.


Words. Photos. Simple. Ladies and gents – this is scrapbooking. While I don’t want anyone to lose their jobs of course – the simple fact is that no matter how any industry is doing, no matter what is going on, I can still craft my heart out with whatever I can get my hands on. Scissors, glue, and paper should be around pending any horrific apocalyptic events – so I’m set.

In the event of crazy zombie wars that leave us all without all modern convenience well then maybe I’ll just write in a journal. Focus on remaining alive. Battle the evil robots or zombies or whatever.

Until then, this girl?


She’ll remain a scrapbooker.

Telling stories with photos + words + fun details. Enjoying creating. Loving life.

14 thoughts on “Not this girl.”

  1. Sorry had another thought. If you think about it, really the human race has been documenting their stories since the dawn of time in many ways. Even before they had a formal language there has always been a way to pass the stories down. Scrapbooking isn’t going anywhere. Changes in business are inevitable in any industry. Michelle t

  2. Amen! I think about what little I had to work with when I started in the 90’s, and what is still being made today, and it’s impossible for me to see it as “dead”

  3. Exactly…..I have a collection of scrapbooks my mother-in-law has passed on from the 40’s, 50’s and on that is a treasure to me! One of her first scrapbooks is an altered Life magazine complete with napkins, postcards, photos of her first trip to San Francisco (she lived in Denver at the time). Too cool. She even passed on her collection of postcards in an album that was made for that purpose…. So long story short, Scrapbooking is not dead and especially thanks to people like you. thank you for sharing your passion!

  4. Nicely said. Just for fun, Santa’s Workshop is still there. I’m not sure if they have pony rides any more though.

  5. Great post – I wholeheartedly agree. And such cute pics of your first every scrapbook and cute little you!

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