6 thoughts on “#4: May vs the 2008 rub-ons”

  1. Thanks for the video, I love this series. The blues worked so well with the peachy rub ons. Very pretty cards. Michelle t

  2. I’m so glad you are doing this series! I’ve been saying forever that if I ever do videos (like I could get my act together & actually do this…I haven’t even managed to get a blog started yet!) it would be a series on scrapping your own stash. So thank you!!

  3. The timing of this video is perfect. I LOVE rub-ons. They are my favorite product and I buy a lot of them. I had no idea they go bad. I have some that could be a few years old….I tried rubbing and rubbing and nothing worked. They were stuck on the paper. For a moment I thought, oh maybe these aren’t rub-ons and they are just clear words. What I learned… Don’t let bad glue happen to you – use your stash! LOL! Glad yours worked!

  4. PERRRRRRRRFECT!!! May, you always hit the nail on the head when I need it!
    I have some ancient rub-ons hanging on my supply rack, and need to make cards.
    So guess who is gonna get some crafting done today??
    Thanks for your inspiring video. 🙂

  5. I am loving this series! #1 it’s helpful info for things that might be hanging around in my stash, and #2 it’s comforting to know that the professionals also buy products that don’t get used right away. May, thanks for giving us a peek into your old stash!

  6. So cool … and guess what … I used some black ones exactly like yours on a page very recently! Thanks May!

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