Project Disney World #1


As I plan a trip for us to Disney World once again (HOOORAY!) I feel like I want to absolutely 100% FINISH the album from our trip back in 2010. So – for those who have been reading for a while that means “project life-inspired” layouts!!


First up: Pictures from around the Magic Kingdom.


Just random shots – none of them have a particular story but together they show a lot of great glimpses. Love that! Super simple page – I could have embellished more but I just kept it to an absolute minimum.

One down… several more to go! Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Project Disney World #1”

  1. May – I can’t wait to see more of this. We have made four trips to Disney World in the last four years and I have EVERYTHING to scrap. I am new to the project life style albums and/or layouts and I would love to make that the way I handle all these photos and stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Yes! More please! I have an elaborate 12×12 book for the same year (2010) and need to simplify for additional trips somehow without losing the fun stories! I came up with a few topics to compare/contrast to other years and have some “magic moments” to journal but am considering scaling down. And just like you… We are ready to book the next trip! Whoo hooo Disney! (I’m also a PL’er and found it tough to include Disney in my PL books those years– talk about ONLY the highlights! It stalled out my Project Life progress each time!) Keep up the great inspiration!!

  3. Oh such cute kids! Great pics! We were last at Disney World 5yrs ago, my daughter was 4. I’m no longer able to travel but their dad wants to take them back in a couple years. I didn’t scrapbook back then, but since I’ve been I’ve done a couple layouts about specific events. Anyway real cute pics and I love how you made them the star of the layout. Michelle t

  4. As much as I am not a Project Life scrapper, I think this is a great way to get those trips documented. We go twice a year (for about 20 years now) so I have tons of pics. I tried scrapping them every year but got behind and just got bored with the same ol Disney pages. It would be a great project for me to work on when my daughter leaves for college in September (sniff, sniff). It will be great to reminisce and to see how she has changed through the years – even how Disney has changed through the years. I try to always take a picture of the ticket prices. That’s a little depressing though. 😉

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