Throw down vs the floral stamp

New series I’ll be doing (and posting here + youtube) starts today! Basically? I am searching for unused products in my stash – I mean stuff that has never been touched – and finding use for it!

Sometimes I’ll score big. Sometimes I’ll have to look online for inspiration and STILL be uninspired (ahem, like today), and sometimes maybe I’ll learn something new.

The video is now up – and I am reminded why I need to be very careful about thinking about HOW I will use stamps and not fall for beautiful stamps!

25 thoughts on “Throw down vs the floral stamp”

  1. ROFLOL! This made me laugh! I LOVE that you have a stamp that’s 3 years old you’ve never used… I’m not the only one to just pull stuff out and stamp it to see what it looks like stamped… I’ve been trying to do that as soon as I get new stamps so they don’t sit there feeling unloved (uninked). GREAT idea for a series!!!

  2. Agree great idea for a series. I’m just going through an Artbin of 12×12 papers that I adore but I have not touched.

    If you cut around your stamped image you could slip it into the layers on a scrapbook page and it would look a bit like a doily, embossed on velum might look nice?


  3. Great idea! I love this! Great idea to look for inspiration adventures no further than the deepest craft-room drawers! I need to do some of this with my own stash, because I too have lots of oddball things: stamps on a sheet with that one cool stamp or irresistible papers… I’m actually way worse about this with yarn and fabric than with inky stuff so far.

  4. I think we all fall in to buying stamps that look beautiful but not functional for the projects we make. What a great idea for a series of videos! Can’t wait to see what else you find and how you use it!

  5. i love this idea/series!! i definitely have some “never been used” products thanks for the inspiration and challenge to use my non used stash!

  6. Awesome idea for a series. Thanks so much for the inspiration to look at what had been just sitting in my stash for too long untouched.

  7. I , too, love the idea of this video series. However, I think I would give that stamp away, lol. I only say this because I am trying to de-stash, hoarder that I am.

  8. Ya know, when you begin a new hobby, you buy for different reasons, it was inexpensive, it was pretty, you just love it, etc, etc, then as time goes by you become more selective and even then you still end up with..”wonder why I bought that” “what was I thinkin’????”
    We all do it and we all have it…what we need, is good ideas huh??? Love the tag idea…think I will dig out a couple of my “lovelies” and get busy!!!

  9. Love this series, I too have lots of stamps that have never been used. I like how you plan on using it. I think stamping it on vellum and embossing with white would make a gorgeous wedding card along with some extra stamped flowers to add over the existing ones.

  10. What a great idea for a series and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who looks at things long after buying them and wonders “why did I buy this and what am I going to do with it!” lol

  11. Not really my kind of a stamp either but maybe if you stamped it a couple of times, you could cut out the individual flowers and pop them up and then stamp the stamp off the edge of the card so it’s not such a “complete & perfect” circle. Or maybe stamp it on Kraft paper in black and then highlight portions of it with a white pen…. I could see several of them overstamping the edges of the card and then one complete image popped up in the center!

  12. Wow May! I love this stamp & am hoping I can inspire you to use it again. I would ink it with StazOn & stamp it onto a ceramic tile. Trace over it with outliner (to create a raised edge) & fill in (color) with Pebeo Moon Paints (or simular) to create my own Ceramic Coasters. I might even turn them into pretty tiles for my bathroom. Ooh! I wonder if I can still get hold of one. Off to check the internet. Theresa x

  13. Great idea for a series – I’m really looking forward to the next installment.
    It looks like the comments section may end up being a brilliant inspiration source too as every one gives their take on the product.
    I buy/used to buy stamps because I think I ought to be using them because everyone else does! How daft is that?!

  14. Great post and vid. I have a terrible habit (I’m getting on top of it now) of buying stamps (especially Hero Arts background stamps) that I see Jen McGuire use and I fall in love with how SHE uses them, but it’s just not my style. So then I get it and I’m like, well… when am I going to use this?!? Ooops!

  15. Hi May! I love your video style! And oh boy, this is going to be a fun series, one all crafters can benefit from and have a chuckle or two.

  16. I LOVED this video! Love your “real talk” about using stamps that have never seen ink. And maybe they aren’t as great as we had hoped for when we bought them long ago. But you still kept it positive! I have so, so many stamps that have never been used. I need to start doing this at least once every week.

  17. I agree, it will be so much fun to see what May comes up with and then read everyone else’s ideas about how to use it! I had similar thoughts for this stamp…stamp on vellum and emboss, stamp and clear or white emboss on watercolor paper then color with distress markers. Make beautiful cards or tags…would take some time. Background stamping for scrapbook layout?

  18. Sometimes we feel like we just HAVE TO use the things we bought but never used. It’s okay to pass on to someone else the supplies that you aren’t thrilled with. You could host a swap, sell them or donate them. Better to have stuff you really enjoy using instead of hunting through the ones that are just kind of okay in order to find the ones you really like.

  19. Great background stamp for mono color maybe white or tone on tone, for creating background for scrapbook page…not unlike patterned paper really. And even making wrapping paper. Could wet emboss..ooooo.

  20. Great idea for a series. I’d love to see your crafty mind work thru these dilemmas. Michelle t

  21. I think I’m really going to like this new series!
    I really like your nail polish colour!

  22. I have many stamps like that. I buy them because they are pretty and then don’t use them. I’m glad I’m not the only one! 🙂

  23. Hmmmmm, not sure what I would do with that one either…..
    Awesome new series idea!!!

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