New at CHA Winter 2014: Chickaniddy Crafts

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Chick-a-what? Chick-a-who? I must have asked five people this before I found this booth in the new exhibitor section and saw for myself.


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This brand new company has two lines (ready to ship to stores!) Date Night and Twirly Girly. What I really like is that each has some neutrals, some small scale patterns, and in part could be used for any kind of scrapbooking.

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Here are some of the date night patterned papers – I love the retro feel. Don’t think I’d get much use out of most of these papers – but they sure are pretty!

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I *do* see a need for the enamel hearts and the mixed brads though! So lovely.

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This “wall of crates” was so inspiring. I want to do this in my house…

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The other line, Twirly Girly, hit on a new emerging trend of tea. Loads of tea party, tea cup, and tea pot stuff showing up lately. I *love* this!

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These brads- my favorite item that Chickaniddy offers.

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Oh but I love the girly papers too…

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this paper with all the little icons and cut-outs is lovely.

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I’m excited to see what this new company comes up with next – and eager to test out their products as well! I wish them all the best it is AWESOME to see new companies starting up!

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  1. Thanks for all your CHA posts – now I just have to wait for the products to arrive in New Zealand (if they do at all!)

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