CHA Winter 2014: Faber-Castell

Gelatos that are double the size of normal and new whipped spackle? Yes please!

512 copy

515 copy

Here you see me trying out the whipped mediumĀ (it is very much like molding paste) and gelatos on an acrylic heart. I like the light texture of this – I’ll definitely be making a video about it as soon as I can get some of my own!

533 copy

The “double scoop” are really just large gelatos so if you have wished for a bigger size – this is for you!

535 copy

Also released were chalkboard paint and bead glitter gel. Both seem like really nice mediums just not things I’d use. I’ll be sticking with the spackle.

539 copy

542 copy

549 copy

I can’t find it in my notes – but I do believe these items will be shipping very soon. Also, I had a student yesterday request that I do more gelato tutorials so that will indeed be coming soon!

(and by soon I mean after I unpack, finish posting CHA items, and get my new on-line class all set up!)

4 thoughts on “CHA Winter 2014: Faber-Castell”

  1. Great! Love the new big size and the whipped spackle! Can’t wait for the tutorials! Thanks for sharing!

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