Best of 2013: More crafty goodness!

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Hey everyone. So I’ve really been enjoying writing these best of posts. Feels good to share some love on the companies that are so important to my craftiness! Thing is… It is now the 20th of December and I need to wrap this up!! So I was trying to figure out what to do about the companies I still wanted to talk about and decided to round them up into one last post on the subject.


Stampers Anonymous – they work with such talented artists and did you know they also make wood mounted stamps so if you don’t want a whole set (in most cases) you can just get the single wood mounted image? Love that.


Speaking of love, it is no secret I’m a huge fan of Ranger. Not only do they produce amazing color mediums, but they are hands down the best customer service I’ve ever seen. Got an ink pad that runs out prematurely? they’ve got you covered. No questions asked. Heat tool breaks? They’ll replace it. I just LOVE how they are good to their customers.

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Now what could go great with all those color mediums? Stencils. Hands down, The Crafter’s Workshop rules stencils. They have talented artists making designs that I can’t resist. I love that from finishing detail to background pattern they make such an amazing variety of stencils.

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Looking for something on the cuter side? I can’t forget Doodlebug. They’ve been doing their brightly colored thing for so long – and they do it well. Their washi tapes, alphabet stickers, and buttons are always among my must-haves.


Now I’m sure I’ve forgotten some companies, but when I sat down to write this list these were the companies to pop into my mind immediately.


Rather than talk about EVERY company that I really like, enjoy, and love using their products I’m going to end my list here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and that you’ve enjoyed all the older projects and posts I’ve brought back to share as well. It was fun for me as I sat here (awaiting surgery) to flip through older ideas and posts and dream up stuff to share.

I will be sharing a few new posts between now and the end of the year – as time and my healing body allow. It has been one week since my surgery – here is hoping that the recovery is swift!



7 thoughts on “Best of 2013: More crafty goodness!”

  1. Glad to hear they got your surgery over and done with. Take care of yourself and have a lovely Christmas with your girls.

    Happy Christmas


  2. Thanks May. Some of my favorite companies as well. I think almost every project I create has some sort of Ranger product-such a varied and versatile line up. Sending healing thoughts your way!

  3. Happy Holidays and get well wishes to you. I enjoy getting your posts. Although it’s not my style – I am a wantabee your style kind of girl and love your work. i am an East Bay girl – if you eveer give classes in our area, I will be there…….

    maureen sala

  4. Hey May,
    Love reviewing your fav’s!
    Glad to hear the surgery is over for you too!
    I know I felt so much better once mine was done. Recovered so fast too!

  5. hope your recovery is going smoothly. Cute pics ! And some of my favorite companies too !

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