Best of 2013: Tim Holtz (and a re-visit of post from 2010)

A “best of” list wouldn’t be complete without Tim Holtz. Not only is he an inspirational artist and wonderful person, but he also dreams up amazing products and works with the BEST companies. From Ranger to Core’dinations to Stamper’s Anonymous all the companies he partners with are incredibly high quality, great service, and on their own are all on my “best” list at all times.

As I’m recovering from surgery; I’m both revisiting some older posts and posting these “best of” posts. Today I thought I’d combine and share part of a post that I did several years ago when I was asked to be a part of Tim’s design team. That team was the most fun – and while it might not be around anymore I still enjoy creating projects for Tim as needed (currently there are some new stamps on my desk… can’t wait to share more!) as well as staying in touch with a great guy that I feel blessed to call my friend.

The post below was done 3 1/2 years ago- but I thought it would be fun to bring it back and re-share it here today.

The first few times I “met” Tim Holtz would have been as a local store manager attending (as a buyer) trade shows. I remember thinking he was straight up awesome + really good at teaching about his product.

In April of 2005, I met up with Tim at Scrapbook Territory. When I say “met up” I mean I spent what was to my budget a good deal of money to take a class from him. It was worth EVERY cent. Truly the best three hours – and my first ever break from then 2 month old Elizabeth. (In the picture you can see Tim holding up her current photo… wild. She’s starting Kindergarten this month!!

This layout celebrating that meeting/class makes me cringe – but darn it I was trying SO HARD to find my style and do my own thing. If you want to read more about my creative journey you can see the posts so far here. What did we make in class?

The class was all about distress inks, and much of the knowledge I gained (as well as at least 10 ink pads that I purchased) are still with me and working today. I totally loved how grungy and vintage his style was – and I really started to get that I too am a lover of vintage style.

What really got me about this class was how he taught. The play and variation, the personal expression that he encouraged, and especially the boxes of treasure to sort through and use. Rather than a kit, we could play and enjoy a huge variety which resulted in everyone having a totally custom little book.

It was an important creative day for another reason – I had a major breakthrough on this day. You see I’d recently announced that I would not be returning as a store manager but instead stay home with Elizabeth. I still wanted to work creatively, but my confidence had taken some brutal beatings.

But something happened in this class, something that would stick in my mind and become an anchor that kept me going, tiny as it was. I turned a screw around.

You see how I have one screw facing each way in my binding? I will never forget what happened as Tim was walking around in class. He picked up my book and asked how-why – just how had I thought to do something so cool and funky? My response was that it had seemed obvious I liked both sides and wanted to see both front and back. The kind words and creative praise I received as he continued to look at my book meant the world to me. Truly – it was EXACTLY what my confidence and creative spirit had needed in that moment.

I kept that praise and positive experience close in my heart and as a part of my confidence as I tried to make it as a freelance designer in this industry. I would remind myself that I had GOOD creative ideas in my brain and keep going, chin held high.

Over time I needed to lean on that memory less and less, to the point that it faded into more of a fond memory than anchor to my creative confidence. My respect and admiration of Tim Holtz grew nearly as much as his product lines. The way he stands behind everything he does, produces excellent quality items, and truly is passionate about what he does has always been admirable to me. Every trade show rolls around, and EVERY time I think “there’s no way he’s got something new and cooler than last time”… and yet he does. EVERY year.

I’ve seen Tim demo here and there at trade shows, and I even got to meet up at Winter 2010 CHA – which was extra fun. I tell you he sold me on everything… even a die cut machine. (I know that’s SHOCKING for me – more on that some other day). He also challenged me to try his scissors (which I now consider my #1 pair) and I found myself noting that over time, even with all his success, he’s still very much “Tim” and is still very much a person I’d want to hang out with.

6 thoughts on “Best of 2013: Tim Holtz (and a re-visit of post from 2010)”

  1. I was in that class, too!! Being not nearly as creative and inspired as you. 🙂 Loved the class, though.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon, May. In the meantime, I really like the pink page with all the messy ink. I think it shows your style, even then. The little book is fabulous.

  3. I was lucky enough to take a class from Tim at CHA in 2008 & I agree he is the best teacher & so fun. I love to check out your blog and his blog but my style is NOT grungy vintage~LOL. I still learn from both of your techniques and put them to work in my way.
    Thanks for sharing that you don’t like your LO of meeting him; I almost went back and redid all of my early pages but finally accepted that I shouldn’t because that’s who I was at that time. Look at me, I’ve evolved! ha ha.

  4. Awesome memories!! Love your projects! I met him years ago at a convention when he was introducing the alcohol inks. It was very quiet that day and I got to talk to him and learn a bunch of techniques at the same time. A down to earth and just plain nice guy.
    Hope you are starting to feel better too!

  5. I’ve never taken one of his classes but when he came to Akron for a stamp show, I was able to go down on Sunday. I stayed ALL day, mostly at his booth. I watched that man sit there and demo the same things over and over – each time with excitement and answering the same questions over and over. He never took a break, never got cranky and he was signing books as people were buying them ! Mario was there running the merchandise section and he always had that beautiful smile on his face too. I love these two guys. Real. Mario even takes time to comment on some of my postings on Facebook and it makes me feels so good every time ! good peoples.

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