Best of 2013: Freckled Fawn

As we count down to 2014, I’m spotlighting some favorite craft companies. From customer service to high quality products – these are great companies and I want to give them each a shout out! To kick things off, I want to talk about Freckled Fawn and their kit club.

Oh Deer Me – it is all embellishments + a stamp set. I LOVE that they add new goodies to my stash without any paper. Better yet, they have amazing service. I purchased a kit to try it out, and it got lost in the mail. In fact, I’m still waiting on the USPS to call me back about it as they promised.


What did Freckled Fawn do? They had a replacement mailed out before anything was even resolved, with the request that should the lost kit show up I simply return it to them.

Now THAT is some great service!!!

Not only are their products well made and really cute, but they have the service to back it up. Now I’m a subscriber to these cute kits – and I can’t wait to dig in and do more with them! They come in really sweet little tins and I’m always surprised + delighted with them.

Watch for more “best of 2013” posts over the next week or so!

4 thoughts on “Best of 2013: Freckled Fawn”

  1. Do you find that the kit is cost effective? It seems a little expensive. I am trying to be a little more cost considerate for all my artsy supplies next year.


  2. Yes and no.

    Yes it is on the higher side of prices, but embellishments are expensive period and this is a kit of nothing but. There is a batch of stamps in each kit, and pretty much everything is custom for the kit- you won’t find it elsewhere.

    It includes a great tin – and it is shipped free to subscribers.

    So for me, the value is here. I get unique items and I know I will never have duplicates here at home already. I get no extra shipping fees, and I get just embellishments which is what I need and want anyhow.

    If you wanted paper or were more interested in value pack vs unique- then no this wouldn’t be a good pick.

    It really is all about what you are after in your kits. 🙂

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