Holiday Gift Guide 2013

I always enjoy sharing gift ideas that I stumble across in my shopping, so today I want to share a gift guide of sorts. Things I’ve found, am loving, and will be giving this holiday season.


Decorated cookies. This particular baker is based in Placerville, CA – and I’m thinking we need a set of these for the girls this year. She has loads of designs and does custom work too. I’m blown away by the decorated cookies that can be found on etsy!



Origami Owl was just introduced to me last month – and I think it is really neat concept! Pick some charms that are special, put them in a locket, and create a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. The girls and I collaborated to make these for their aunts this year – and I’m really happy with the results!


this book: Secret Garden. For a teen, for a crafty person – heck for anyone! I got a copy for myself + a very special young lady this year. It is an incredible book and sooo much fun. As I sit here resting I am enjoying coloring these pages.

For the lady who likes make-up, samples, etc – I can’t recommend ipsy enough!! I’m a member and I love it. You can give a gift subscription here. Thing is they have a waitlist + are sold out at the moment. BOO to that! But hopefully they’ll have more space available soon!


Got a crafty friend you’re shopping for? Try a Freckled Fawn kit! I love this because it is not paper – it’s all embellishments, stamps, and fun and it is in a beautiful little tin. Other crafty kits that will let you buy just one (and are lovely!) include the Simon Says Stamp card kit, Jenni Bowlin kits, and Gossamer Blue.


For your manly men, maybe try some Duluth Trading. Jason loves their ballroom pants, firehose pants, and their shirts too. Super nice quality stuff and super fast shipping too.


Somebody with a sweet tooth? How about some insanely yummy brownies! Sugar Daddy’s rocks – and it is fun to pick out flavors for someone special.

Now I’m trying to find some “will ship direct” ideas for the few people still on my list. Because yes, I am resting and awaiting surgery so I am most definitely not out braving the stores and crowds!

5 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide 2013”

  1. Just getting caught up on your blog and other things I missed the last few days. Thanks for posting the great ideas and I hope you’re feeling better soon! Hope the surgery is as non-invasive as possible and you have a speedy recovery. Hang in there! Thinking of you and sending good thoughts…

  2. I have a friend who has to get that coloring book-it’s fantastic! Thank you for the links-now rest!

  3. I am really sorry to hear about the non holiday so to speak. I too have had very painful months that went into the holidays (spinal condition) and it was a little tough emotionally, esp. with a house full of men/boys that really did not care how crooked the tree lights were, etc. as they were in charge. But somehow I survived that year. Take good care of yourself. Please put yourself first.

  4. Thanks for the great picks May. I’m glad you’ve found something that will help you rest and recover. That colouring book looks really cute, as does the Freckled Fawn kit

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