Re-boot: part 1.


Before anything gets moved, touched, or otherwise changed I have to ask: What works? There are a few things working quite well, most of them pictured above. How I store my stains & sprays (shelf thing made for kitchen use), my distress inks being so close to my fingertips, the spinner where I hold adhesives, hand lotion, and a cup for scissors and tools are just a few things.

I also note what is NOT working. For example, the fact that I bump into the girls all the time as their art station is on the other side and we frequently feel like we are in each others spaces. Also NOT working? My computer desk. The incident of spilled water (Which *knock on wood* seems to have had no effect on my computer) is an example of how things aren’t real great in this room.

The biggest tip I would have, and this goes for ANYTHING in life really from craft storage to your personal closet to anything at all – is that you have to clear the slate and start blank. You don’t tell yourself that you HAVE to this, or MUST that. You start all the way empty and say ok, what do I love? What works super well? Then comes adjustments, seeking new possibilities. Trying new configurations.

It’s a process, one that I’m working on not only with my studio but with how I blog, how I am building (soon, I swear!) my new website, how I am eating now, how I exercise – everything it feels like. Quite daily around here I get this “everything is in process and nothing is done” feeling which can be absolutely overwhelming and entirely discouraging.

But each day I get up, and chip away at the album projects (more on that soon), the website (I’m past bashing my head into the wall and making real progress now!), the studio re-do, how I fuel myself, keeping active, and more. I guess today’s post is a reminder of a few things, for myself as well as anyone who wants the info.

  1. Little steps daily add up and are what matter most.
  2. It’s a journey. You don’t start at the end.
  3. Eliminating everything, then bringing back in only the stuff you love and don’t want to be without is a lot better than finding places to cram all kinds of junk you don’t quite want to let go of, but don’t really want either.

I will be documenting more about storage, organization, and what changes I’m making including my new “closet office” – which I say daily may be a) the best thing I’ve ever done and b) idiotic that I’m only just now doing it.

Until next time, I hope you’re having a wonderful day.


5 thoughts on “Re-boot: part 1.”

  1. Nice list, May! Got to add one more
    4. Stop kicking myself for doing things differently or taking longer than I anticipated.

  2. May, I am doing a lot of the same things you mention: reassessing, distilling, prioritizing, evaluating space and goals and time spent. I am trying to get my home and studio space working FOR me instead of against me so I can make the most of my time. Thanks for letting us in on your process and any aha moments you have!

  3. I am also doing a similar thing – having just moved from a house where I had a dedicated craft room, to an apartment where everything is in cupboards!

  4. I knew I had seen a post on organizing your room when I emailed you last night.
    I feel the same about planning for my room, my current set up is not working for me at all.
    Looking forward to finding more that does 🙂

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