Expect the unexpected.

I swear – every morning when I wake up lately I feel like I’m jumping through the Stargate. I don’t know WHAT is going to be on the other side and I do not have any way of guessing if it’ll be fun, friendly, painful, or simply unexpected. I just have to make a leap and hope for the best.

Water will spill on your computer.

Trying to “finish up” setting up a new website or class can take months, not days.

What should have been a simple quick errand can turn into endless hours of searching.

But at the same time-

you can discover creative techniques you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

Emails with new opportunities and exciting possibilities pop up.

You get a phone call that makes you laugh really hard, and smile the rest of the day.

Good, bad, funky… it’s all a part of the roller coaster that is life.

I was going to stay up LATE editing my fabric piece to go up this morning- but I gotta be honest. I don’t want to. Today is the first day all week I’ve had computer access- and while I am SO VERY grateful that the water spill (by unnamed child who was not supposed to be near computer in first place) seems to have not effected my computer it also meant that I had to leave my computer off for days to be super, extra, really sure it was 100% dry. The waiting seems to have paid off – but the backlog of being unplugged all week? Intense. I’m just glad a week ago I set the ‘ol blog up with a week’s worth of posts!!

Anyhow – I wish you a happy weekend and hope that for better or worse you have some pleasant unexpected things.

Shout out to my friend Melissa, who introduced me to the TV series Stargate which has been entertaining me almost daily with epic adventures. And thanks to her and all my friends who bring good things to my life daily.

7 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected.”

  1. You have a great weekend too May! I honestly don’t know how you keep up with it all. Glad to see you having a break!

  2. Oh dear May!
    I know exactly how you feel atm!
    I have been waking WAY too early and then up late or busy, busy and am feeling so tired.
    Just finished my morning coffee which was lovely BUT before that I spilt a cup full of pills on the floor!
    Was feeling very frustrated with life but your post has brightened my day and when I reflect on the good bits of the week I feel happier.
    I painted, sprtized, glued , decorated and embellished about 20 tags as a present for my daughter and I think she will love them.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I would rather hear your inspiring words than see your fabric piece–but the fabric is super intriguing now! I think life goes crazy for all of us at times and the big thing is to come out the other end with a smile on our faces and a few working, thinking brain cells left! I’m glad you took the time.

  4. Sending you good thoughts for the weekend. I have had a week where little hiccups have taken up literally hours of my time. Then this morning my router wouldn’t power up. Managed to get it to work (jiggled wires, unplugged it and plugged it in again, you know technical stuff) went into my online account to see what could be done, before I’d pressed a button their system had checked my diagnostics and a box popped up offering to send me a free new router. Unexpected sunshine on my rainy day!


  5. Glad the computer seems to be working … and can’t wait to see what class you have cooked up!

  6. Oh my goodness! Poor computer, glad it’s up and running. Also glad to hear that I’m not the only who can’t seem to get away from schedule changers, last minute mishaps or any other kind of thing that will derail the day that I’ve planned out. However, usually such derailments don’t cause to much grief and I’m learning to just go with it! lol

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