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Last weekend I was asked to record a video so that Miss R could show the way to stamp a card. She was quite serious about the request – and she was so pleased with herself she asked if she could please be on the blog.

I think she spent just a few hours in my studio creating along side me as I made crafty videos – she seems to have picked up a few of my sayings. Of course I usually don’t require “any horse… or unicorn” in my projects but that makes it all the more fun.

Note: Miss R intends to read her comments – so if you are so inclined to leave one that would be great! She’s informed me she can read her comments herself. She’s growing up so fast!

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  1. Dear Miss R. Thank you for your helpful video on making a card. Your card turned out beautifully. I liked how clearly you spoke. It was nice of you to give options to your viewers to use other stamps to make their cards. Your color selection was lovely. Thanks again! Miss Barb

  2. Miss R: What a great video! I appreciate the many options you gave your viewers…for example, if you don’t have a flower stamp you can use a heart or a cupcake. I also like the ink choices and how you said “You can use brown or green but I will be using pink.” It sounded very good on the video. Your card was fantastic! Keep crafting!!
    Your fan,

  3. Great job, Miss R. Your card is lovely. I noticed that each time you used an ink pad, you immediately put the cover on. Very smart. You have a just right speaking voice- pleasant to listen to. Thank you for sharing your tips. Happy day!

  4. Lovely video. Thank you for reminding me that stamping should be just the way you did it – fun and effortless. Use what I have and enjoy the process. Happy crafting to you too.

  5. Awesome video! I love your tips about how we can use ideas from your card but use the stamps and ink colors we already have. Thanks for your great video!

  6. Miss R – the colors you chose for your card were delightful. What a happy card you created. The word cute was a perfect choice for your card. You reminded me to use my cat, horse, and rainbow stamp together. Lesson I learned from you “Use what you love and what makes you happy.” Great job on your first video.

  7. Great video Miss R. I watched it here in England and I think you are a star. A real natural presenter. Keep up the good work.

  8. Thank you so much Miss R. I really enjoyed your video and learned so much about mixing my stamps! I’ve never been much for purple but I think you’ve convinced me that it truly is a very lovely color.

  9. Oh Miss R….you should just stamp that cute stamp right on your hand because you are the cutest! GREAT tutorial on how to stamp a card with a rainbow of choices! Thanks for sharing your work of art with us!!

  10. Dear Miss R — What an amazing video! You gave great choices for stamps and colors and your card turned out beautifully! My 5 year old loves making cards too. I’m going to show her your video. Thank you for showing us your Happy Crafting tips!

  11. Lovely video! You did a great job of explaining your choices. Your stamping technique was right on. You were easy to listen to and quite a demonstrator.

  12. Miss R-What a wonderful video! I hope you do more. I like all the options your gave us. I love the pink card base and horses! But I don’t have a horse stamp so I’m glad you gave other options. Great job! Keep on stamping!
    Sheri and her dog Sassy

  13. Miss R–what a great video! You are very talented like your mum! I am so very happy with your video that I will be showing it to my little crafter, Miss A! Thank you again, and continue on making videos…with your mom’s permission, of course! 🙂

  14. What a lovely video. Believe it or not, I don’t think we have horse OR unicorn stamps here, but will get my daughter one very soon! Thank you for the recommendation Miss. R.

  15. Miss R. You are a natural. I love that you let us know that we can use whatever stamps we have. Beautiful card.

  16. Miss R, I so very much enjoyed your video. You truly are a natural both in stamping and speaking for an instructional video. I do hope you continue to enjoy stamping and creating art that you love. Happy crafting right back to you!

  17. Rebecca, you did a mighty fine job on this video. I think maybe Tim Holtz has some competition here. Love your placements of stamps – excellent job.

  18. Excellent video. I appreciate all the variations that Miss R suggested. Her voice and words were very clear, too. I would enjoy seeing more of her work. Thank you.

  19. Lovely video. I will certainly try some of your tips. I, too, like to use pink.. And I love the tip to use the small ink containers for the small stamps. I have granddaughters who I will share your video with.

  20. Great video! You showed all the steps to making the card in perfect order and gave many different options for changing it up if someone didn’t have the stamps or colors you used. I like how you showed the products you used and how careful you were to close up those stamp pads. Keep up the good work!

  21. Miss R,
    Thank you for the helpful video on making a card. Your video is excellent. I was able to follow along, to understand what you were saying, and see what you were doing. I appreciate the options you suggested and hope to hear from you again! Happy Crafting!

  22. I wanted to add that I enjoyed your hand gestures. You have a professional manner on film. Keep up the good work.

  23. Miss R, I found your video through May Flaum’s blog. I am guessing she is related to you. As previous commenters have noted, you have done a wonderful job here. You will have no trouble with public speaking or leadership skills and I hope you remember these skills in middle school and high school (that is the time when some girls forget these skills). You were clear and precise, you offered your students options, but not too many, you were aware that some of your viewers may not have the same stamp collection you have and you made allowances for that, pointing out the flexibility of stamping as a hobby and allowing viewers to express her or his own creativity. You are a born teacher and demonstrator! I mean it! I am a lawyer and my husband is a teacher! You have incredible skills! Please, please, never let anyone tell you you don’t!

  24. Dear Miss R,
    Your video is AWESOME!
    You are very good at explaining things. I hope that you can make another video someday. Thank you for showing me how to make a pretty card. Happy Crafting!
    P.S. Unicorns are cool!

  25. What a wonderful video, Miss R.! Thank you for sharing all those ideas. My girls love unicorns and rainbows, too, and your card is delightful!

    (please tell your camera woman what a great job she did, too!)

  26. Wow Rebecca I loved your video and the beautiful card you made! You are really an expert! Since I am the mom of 2 boys I am jealous of your wonderful collection of “girl” stamps and pink papers and inks. Thanks for sharing your video and I hope to see more!!

  27. Love this Miss R! Beautiful stamping job on your card and thanks for the great ideas for substitutions in case we don’t have a particular stamp. You used lovely colors and I love the “Happy Crafting” at the end!! Can’t wait to see more videos from you showing your talent.

  28. Awesome job Miss R. Loved your techniques and options. You also spoke very clearly so we could understand.

    Can’t wait to learn more. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Miss R you made a wonderful video. Your instructions were clear, you gave us options as you know not everyone has the same stamps and inks, and made a wonderful card. Bravo!

  30. Dear Miss R, I have learned so much about stamping today! I love your color choices and the stamps you used. Your card turned out so pretty! Thank you for the many suggestions you gave, they were so very helpful! I can’t wait to try out your stamping technique on the next card I make!
    Happy Crafting to you dear and I hope you will share another one of your amazing videos with us soon!

  31. Miss R, I do hope that you will make more video lessons in the future. I am going to show this one to my special little friend Abbie who just started kindergarten today. She loves to make crafts and would like to send a card like this to her best friend. I hope it is okay with you that I am sending the link to her mother so that she can see this.
    PS I really did like the different shades of purple that you used.

  32. Very cute video showing great techniques! May Miss R may have picked up a few of you expressions but she appears to be a much neater crafter than you lol! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Miss R,
    great first video! You were very clear on the directions and I appreciate the way you gave us ideas of other stamps to use if we didn’t have one like yours. My pocketbook appreciates that kind of crafter! I do like your collection of stamps! Hope to see more of your work in the future!

  34. hi Miss R

    What a lovely card. You are so professional in your video. Maybe one day you can teach classes on cardmaking. I am envious of your wonderful stamp collection.

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing.


  35. Wow, Miss R! Fantastic video! I love how you make crafting look like so much fun! I look forward to seeing more of your work… you are precious!!!!
    Have a beautiful day!

    Miss G

  36. Miss R,
    I liked your video and hope you do more. I will watch them. My favorite color you used was that dark purple. I’m going to have to find some dark purple ink. Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

  37. Miss R, nice video. You did a good job of explaining what you were doing, and your color and stamp
    choices were very pretty. You and your mom make a good team, hope to see more from you. Thanks for
    showing us your card.

  38. What a nice tutorial! I especially liked that you showed us each stamp and stamp pad before using them, and that you described other options for us to use as well. I love pink!!!! I really liked “happy crafting” at the end. I hope you do more tutorials in the future. 🙂

  39. Super job Miss R!! What a great video with so many options that all work to make a fabulous card! You are a natural and hope to see more of you! Happy Crafting !!! Stamper from Moore, Oklahoma 🙂

  40. Oh Wow Miss Rebecca!
    Thankyou so much for this video, it was just lovely to see and hear!
    I am in Australia and I think you are a ⭐

  41. Miss R – Thank you so much for your fabulous video. I think you are a natural teacher. I love that you gave me options, because I don’t think I have all of your stamps and inks. Your card is very beautiful. The best part was the end – Happy Crafting to you, too. P.S. Please make more videos.

  42. Miss R – you did a fabulous job on your video. I loved the choices you gave. It reminds me that we can always use ‘what’ we have, and do not have to use the exact stamps that are being used by the demonstrator. I too would use Pink…even tho, you could use any other color. You are a natural – I can’t wait to see your next production.

  43. Miss R, great job on the video! You have a wonderful speaking voice and you did a good job explaining what you were doing. Your color choices are lovely and the card you made is very pretty. I hope you make another video.

  44. Wonderful video, Miss R! You explained what you were doing while you were doing it, you always gave us options if we didn’t have the stamps or the inks you were using and your voice was just lovely to listen to. You made making a card look easy and fun and sometimes I forget it’s supposed to be that way. Great job. I hope you and your Mom make more videos in the future.

  45. Dear Miss R
    You are a fabulous stamper and card maker. I think you should have your own video tutorials. Have your mom call Stacie Julian. Great techniques.

  46. Dear Miss R,

    You did a wonderful job showing how to stamp and create a beautiful card. It was very nice of you to realize that not everyone has such pretty stamps and ink colors to choose from, and I liked how you gave suggestions for other stamps and ink colors people could also use. You are very natural on the camera and I really enjoyed seeing you make your card. Thank you for sharing your ideas with all of us.

  47. My 5 year old daughter and I loved your video. Actually, Felicite wants to watch it all over again as she loves stamping too and she wants to use some of your ideas on her next card. Thank you for taking the time to make this video.

  48. What a super video! I can not wait to show it to my granddaughter. You explained everything so well. and with such detail! Fantastic card, I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing your project!

  49. Miss R-

    WOW! what a beautiful card you made! Thank you for all of the great options and tips. Your video tutorial was wonderful, you are so sweet and very talented, keep up the great work!

  50. Miss R, Your video was very educational and inspiring! We all liked you saying that we can use the stamps and ink colors that we have! It was fun watching you stamp! I know you are a great partner to be creative with. Sending hugs, Trish

  51. Dear Miss R.
    I enjoyed your video very much. I was impressed with your expertise and your coice of colors. Your card turned out lovely. I hope to see more videos from you in the future.

  52. Great job Miss R!! I loved your suggestion to use the small stamp pads for the small stamps! Why didn’t I think of that?! And “Happy Crafthing” to you too! 🙂
    PS–I met you one time when your mom taught a class at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley!!

  53. Miss R – I loved your video! You did a great job of displaying the stamps, inks, and finished card so that it was very easy to follow. Thanks so much! Marcia

  54. Miss R I really enjoyed your video. You had some excellent stamping tips-like using the small ink pads for small stamps. And I loved your choice of colors-it made for such a happy,pretty card. I am looking forward to seeing more of your videos in the future.

  55. Wow Miss R, a fantastic video/tutorial, could you give me some lessons please as I have never done a video. You are so professional and well spoken. I love how you offer the viewer alternative options. Your card is gorgeous and I love the images. Adorable just like you. Thank you. Tracy x

  56. Oh Miss R! What a cool video! I love how you offered up some choices with the stamps to use so we can use whatever we have to make a pretty card like yours! Thanks for a great video!

  57. Dear Miss R,
    Thank you for encouraging me to make a handmade card. You did a beautiful job in your video helping me understand what products to use. I’m so excited that I have a unicorn stamp and pink ink too! Receiving a handmade card sure is special. Thank you for the wonderful video!

  58. This girl knows her stuff! Wow…. what a wonderful tutorial with clear instructions. I love the open hand gestures and all the suggestions for substitutions. Happy Crafting, Miss R!

  59. Oh my goodness, Miss R – this is just the BEST! I absolutely love your card and appreciated your ideas on the different kind of stamps we might use if we don’t have what you do in your stash! Great job!!!

  60. Thank you, Miss R, for sharing such a fantastic video tutorial with us. I really appreciated all the instructions (and substitution ideas) I think your card is beautiful! The person who receives it is certainly very lucky!

    P.S. I hope that somday my little girl is as excited about crafting as you are! Happy crafting!

  61. miss R,
    Impressive video! You were concise and articulate in your demonstration of how to stamp on a card. I now know exactly what to do and i am eager to try. (A true testament for an instructor.). I look forward to seeing more instruction from you, Miss R! Great job!

  62. Dear Rebecca, thanks for your nice video, showing us your stamping ideas. I can see that, like your Mom, you like to give people different options if they don’t have the exact same stamps or ink pads. I like the colors you used and it made me smile when you ended with “Happy Crafting.” 🙂

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