On-the-go: part 2

Last week I talked briefly about doing a “scrapbook on the go” where I’d have things pretty much done before I ever left. Today I’ve got some images to share, as well as a video explaining.




Supplies Used:




This has been a really fun process, and I’m glad to have this album ready to go for next week!


As promised – here’s my video walk-through with tips, my plans, etc.

When I get back I will be sharing the final installment in this mini-series – the completed book. Happy Crafting!

4 thoughts on “On-the-go: part 2”

  1. So many ideas , thanks May! I definitely want to take forward the ideas of adding postcards and greeting cards. I’ve so many cute cards collected up and it looks like a great way to use them.

    Thanks again May, have a safe trip.


  2. Thanks so much for this story, I am going on a cruise in 1 week and am trying to make a memory book to take with me as it will be a special trip my kids are taking me on, and I want to record lots of stuff, so your video has inspired me with what to do with the pages, thanks so much for sharing!!! Hope you and your family have a safe trip!!!

  3. Love the video! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see your finished book!! Hope you have a good trip.

  4. this is really great … not traveling anytime soon, but my daughter is turning 16 soon and am thinking about doing this for her 16th year … something to give her years from now, sort of a photo diary along with my observations … thanks for providing such great inspiration!

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