“coming soon”

Summer is ending, fall is coming, and LOTS is coming in with the falling leaves and cooling temperatures. For a LONG time now, if you clicked on “Craft” up in my header here on my blog you’d get this.


Well… all I can say at this point is that “coming soon” now means something. It’s coming SOON, as in within a few weeks, and it is going to involve a lot of fun creative stuff!! I’m currently at work on that, a new Big Picture collaboration, the projects with Brother International, sewing with new Tim Holtz fabric… not to mention soccer and girl scouts and all the non-crafty stuff.

yes indeed, it’s a busy time here. and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so excited to say more – and get back to sharing MORE tutorials here on my blog!! Right now though, I’m going to take advantage of the last weekend in summer and unplug. I’ll share some reading favorites, another installment of the “on the go” book, and more.

Happy Crafting!!

2 thoughts on ““coming soon””

  1. yay! Can’t wait! And I totally get it – keeping up with all the awesomeness in the crafting world, our blogs, and our families – it’s NUTS, but it’s aaallll good!!!

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