Tsukineko Memento Luxe Ink


You know I always love a good ink pad, so when Tsukineko asked me if I’d like to check these brand new ink pads out I said of course!

Three things you should know:

> the ink is slow drying compared to most of the other inks in my stash.

> the ink has an opacity to it, and I feel like I’m just scratching the surface.

> the white is the first white ink pad EVER that I recommend!

Here’s an introduction video to these ink pads.

Six of my favorite colors:

Simon Says Stamp has 24 beautiful colors in the shop now – how to choose?! Loving this new product – and I’m eager to try more with them. If you have any questions, please do ask in the comments and next week when I post my project tutorial with these new ink pads I will answer them.

Happy Crafting!

5 thoughts on “Tsukineko Memento Luxe Ink”

  1. May, please say more about why this is the only white ink pad you would recommend. I adore white on Kraft and own several whites that are less than satisfactory. Thanks.

  2. Dear May hi! Thank you for your very illustrative video!
    It is really helpful to know all the properties of those beautiful
    new ink pads and how the inks look when they are stamped on different materials.
    I loved their vibrant colors!

  3. Thanks May for sharing the new Memento Luxe line! I am loving the white and Navy color!!! Can’t wait to see what you create!

  4. Thank for the review! It was very useful. I was looking for the perfect white ink and I’m going to get this one.

  5. you showed me exactly what I was wanting to know.
    I only today noticed the Memento Luxe inks at the store, and was
    curious about them. Thank you for a great demonstration.
    I’ll definitely be giving them a try.

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