Stencil play…


Can I share a secret? I’m working on a little class featuring stencils. I’m working on several instant-download classes in fact, so stay tuned!! But as I brainstorm, I was just playing around and made a tag to share here today on the blog. I was testing out various colors (pens, inks, paints…), trying out things I like and don’t like. I love scraps of paper or tags for creative experiments!

Speaking of experiments and techniques-  Claudine’s class has now begun!! If you want to sign up and join in the fun, you can get more info here. I’m really excited about this class (those are her stencils featured in the tag above!) and so excited to be a part of it.

 728 x 90

2 thoughts on “Stencil play…”

  1. I’m totally in for your stencil class! I was one of your Camp Scrap students, and I totally loved the idea of inking with stencils. Strangely, it never crossed my mind to use ink; I’ve only thought of mist, of course, and paint. I’ve even bought a couple more stencils to try that technique with, so I’m totally jazzed about what other ways you will inspire me, stencil-wise. You’re so nifty, May. 🙂

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