Stitch Fix #1

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? You go fill out some questions about your likes, and you can link them to a pinterest board and give them notes about what you do/don’t want on their questionnaire, etc…

and then they send you a box with five items in it. You can do it monthly, but that really isn’t in my budget… so what I’m going to do is maybe quarterly or for every so many pounds lost I will order one up as a treat. You can return everything or keep some things or whatever. They explain it nicely on their site. Ok, so first I’ll show you what I got, then I’ll tell you what I like about Stitch Fix.

This dress (Tulle Kayla Back Detail dress) was so pretty. Love the coral color, love the tiny print on the over layer, the cool fabric… but it was way too small in the boob area and caused some very weird looking una-boobage that I was not down with. I wanted to be… but yeah NO. So I did LOVE it, but back it goes.
When you get the box you are able to tell them via their website what fit, what you liked, what you’re sending back, etc. and this will help them in future to better send things your way that will work. When I first saw this next piece I was like… oh no. NO thank you…
This Tulle top (Cecilia Cap Sleeve Printed Woven Top) is something I so would NEVER have even considered… but guess what? I *love* it!! Such a beautiful green color – and here’s a silly pic taken for my friend… because yeah I did try ons in my studio.

What I really loved about this is that they listened to what I said. They took my requests into consideration for sure. But then they also sent stuff I might not have picked but was great. And really – that’s the point right?! Try new fun stuff, try it on with things you own, see what works in your own closet with it.

This next one I was super excited about – such a lovely pattern!
(Dress is Tulle Faxon Floral Waist Tie Dress) unfortunately, it has pleats in front (hellloooo to looking pregnant! NO THANK YOU!) and was also super short. This was the only FAIL in the whole box – which was incredible in my mind that they nailed things I would like 4/5 items.

Oh I loved these earrings – the fourth item- so pretty and they go well with so much that I have…
And then, there’s this dress.
You’re gonna have to wear spanx/controltop pantyhose/etc under this unless you’re in perfect shape… (dress is Last Tango, Rocco Faux Wrap Tank Dress). But it is a GREAT length, and what really sold me on this one was the styling card. I have a friend who got this dress and on her it is really low cut. On me? It was the perfect cut not low or anything. Loving it!

Seeing it with the cardigan made me excited. Also with bright shoes reminded me I have a bold pair of heels that this would be perfect for! So yes, this one is a keeper. These style idea cards are really cool and helpful and come with each item too so you get fashion inspiration.

Overall? I’m really impressed. They stayed in my budget, they sent me the kinds of things I was after (I specifically asked for dresses), and it was fun to try on things a stylist recommended. I am not great at clothes in general – I have a hard time venturing out from the few things I do know that work – so this is really cool. I also *love* it as a weight loss incentive for myself, and I really felt they picked items that will still fit when I am a bit lighter just as nicely as they do now.

The only people I have seen post about stitch fix are much thinner than me, and so I wasn’t sure if getting a box would be uplifting or depressing! I think there are a few key things to the Stitch Fix happy experience:

  • Be open to new ideas. A lot of the negative reviews I’ve read are people who were just like “nope. I don’t like this” before trying it on, taking a photo, seeing how it looked. You’ve got to want some sense of adventure and mix up the wardrobe! If you don’t want to be surprised, if you’re totally set in exactly what you do want then go buy it direct!
  • Be specific and honest. Give your real size and weight, tell them exactly what you like and are looking for.
  • Definitely get the pinterest board going that they can look at/use to get to know your fashion wishes better.

This was such a fun “10lbs burned off” treat (oh yes, I BURNED off 10lbs!! lost? Nope. I worked for that!) and I hope to do another one at 20lbs gone!!

If you want to check out Stitch Fix – I invite you to use my referral code (to do this just click ANY of the links in here – they have my code in them).  If you happen to try it using my code I get credit – just FYI. Though I didn’t do this blog post for that reason – I genuinely think this is a COOL new business!

If you have tried it I’m curious how it went for you and what you liked. I’m motivated to keep eating clean and working hard and earn myself another fix!!


10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #1”

  1. I just recently got my second Stitch Fix and I get just as much enjoyment from seeing other people’s fixes as I do my own. I think it is a great business idea and have been happy with both my shipments. Not all the items are winners but they seem to have my style down pretty close. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi May,
    This sounds like a cool site, what is your referral code? Couldn’t seem to find it in the post, but it is early and I haven’t had my coffee yet, so maybe I missed it lol

  3. I signed up! I’m REEEAAALLY worried about the cost, but it wouldn’t hurt to see what they have to say. I definitely need help with my wardrobe, I hate shopping, and if I was able to receive some ides outside of the box from a stylist, maybe I’d like it!

  4. A similar program is Gwynnie Bee. Except you borrow the clothes for a set amount of money each month. (kinda like Netflix) Great when you’re losing weight! There are lots of free month offers out there if you hunt the blogs.

    I like the “personal stylist” aspect of stitch fix though! Will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  5. May, the wrap dress is lovely! Great color. Very cool earrings, too. I’ve gotten one “fix” so far and was pleased overall. I only kept one thing (a dress, which was a teeny bit on the short side, but I went for it.) But there was a necklace I liked (felt it was a little too expensive) and a blazer I *adored*, but it was too small. I think when I get another fix in July I’ll mention the blazer and ask if they have one that is one size up! 🙂 Which they may not — I’m sure their inventory is likely in constant flux.

  6. HOW FUN!!!!!!! I have been seeing lots of reviews but they all talked about a monthly shipment ,which I couldn’t afford so I have jsut been living vicariously thru the posts, now that you mention other options, I am even more curious! great review, & FUN choices!

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