So the other day I was waiting (as I often am) for one of the girls to get out of school and I was clicking away, editing photos from the last few (holy cow batman, so eventful) weeks. A mom asked me about it Рand I was explaining how simple. pick a photo. tap editing. save/go. EASY. If you want more of an explanation you can see my post here about the app.


Point is – except for the fact that it saves significantly smaller of a file than original (still printable, but not as big a file is all) and that you can’t zoom to REALLY see the detail of your adjustments, it is the #1 photo app I use. I love it. I don’t know how I functioned or accepted so many bad iPhone pics before it!


I sure do love it when technology makes things prettier and better… and I don’t have to hassle with editing photos on my laptop before ordering. Good stuff.

Oh and if anyone is wondering – occasionally (quarterly or so?) I hook my phone up to the laptop, pull alllll the photos off except the few I leave on always, and load onto computer by cut/pasting into my photos. Then I sort, delete, edit, and order whatever I want. All the keepers then join my “real” camera photos in back-up-land on an external hard drive.
I like to keep it clean, simple, and I like knowing I’ve printed my pictures so I don’t end up with forgotten moments and stories in a file on a device somewhere. More on that some other time. Right now I’ve got teacher gifts to create!

5 thoughts on “#pictapgo”

  1. Thanks for the info. I just added it to my apps. I am in the process of choosing my first dslr camera and am curious as to which one you have and which did you use as an entry level. I am looking at Nikons. Thank you.

  2. Yay! It works for my iPad too! Even tho it doesn’t show up under iPad category in the App Store


  3. what do you use for external harddrive?? I have one (I think) that I plug into my laptop every month & I think its backing up changes .. but how do I test it w/o crashing my laptop??

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