May’s book rec’s [april 2013 edition]


I’ve been collecting good reads it would seem – and then I mean to share and I forget/get busy/post about something else…. then I add another book… now we’ve got a list of seven! YAY! Ok, so let me share!

JC Daniels NightBlade is the second in her Colbana Files series (really, you have to read this series in order start with Blade Song) and is very dark urban fantasy. It’s heartbreaking and amazing and really fantastic and I can NOT wait for her to release book 3! (though, it seems I WILL be waiting!) This book is listed first because it is the first book I think of when someone asks what I’ve read that was great recently.

Nora Roberts The Witness is now out in paperback! I loved this book – romance + suspense and just reminds me of the classic Nora Roberts books that made her such a legend.

This next one – I grabbed because the cover was just so cute and I thought why not? Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid – a self-published ebook. The price is right (about $3 or FREE if you have amazon prime + want to borrow it!)  and it was super funny. Very silly, lot of joking around and over the top funniness in the great way that reminds me of the good ‘ol days when romantic comedies were a thing.

Speaking of comedy – Sophie Kinsella has a BRAND NEW BOOK!! Wedding Night releases this Tuesday (I had an advance copy) and it is fabulous. Two sisters. A trip to Greece. Hijinks ensue, and this is one of her funniest and best. Can You Keep a Secret or Twenties Girl remain my favorite two from her – but Wedding Night is really good and SO much better than her last few.

Tina Fey Bossypants. For kindle it is now just 3.99 – and I couldn’t pass that up! Stephanie Howell (among others) have recommended this book and I’m loving it so far – and at that price I couldn’t pass it up.

Written In Red by Anne Bishop is a new novel + series for her. It revolves around a woman who can get visions of the future and has always lived in a lab-like environment, never seen the outside world… then a vision shows her how she can escape and she finds herself living and working with the Others (shifters, fairies, all kinds of other non-humans…). It was really a fantastic start to a new UF series and I couldn’t put it down. I don’t normally jump into hardcover books (I wait for paperback) – this one was worth it.

The next Spindle Cove novel by Tessa Dare (Any Duchess will Do) is really great (I got my hands on an advance copy – love Spindle Cove!) It can be pre-ordered now – and I loved it – but the real reason this book is in this list is not to tease you by saying it’ll be ready soon but rather to share that the spindle cove novels that are already out are on SALE in eBook format! A Week to Be Wicked, A Night to Surrender, and A Lady by Midnight are all just $.99 each! (I assume that is a very limited time offer… not sure how long it’ll last!)


That wraps up my recommended reads for now! Do you have some? I’d love to hear them. Before I go though… let me share two books my girlies are STRONGLY recommending lately.

EmeraldaliciousHC_c photo

Emeraldalicious is a fantastic story of imagination and (as always) the art as well as the stories in this series delights my girls. They tell me it is one of the best/most favorite of all the Pinkalicious books.

Fancy Nancy Puppy Party is the story of Nancy’s dog Frenchie’s birthday party – and this is an instant favorite.

Basically any books from Fancy Nancy and/or the Pinkalicious series = instant girl happiness in my world. They are really detailed in illustration, they’re fun, and they have girls using their imaginations and having fun being fancy. Which delights my young ladies to no end, and of course being able to (mostly) read them on their own is a huge bonus – they love that!

Have a great weekend – and happy reading!!

3 thoughts on “May’s book rec’s [april 2013 edition]”

  1. thanks May, I always love your recommendations.

    I’m a big Maeve Binchy fan and just read the last book she wrote before she passed away “A Week in Winter” – so good I didn’t want it to end.

    And a friend of mine put me onto Sharon Penman, and the Welsh trilogy in particular, so I’m reading the first book “Here be Dragons”.

    And I’m just about to start the fourth book in the Game of Thrones series

  2. I”m reading “The Promise of Stardust” right now, for book club…it sucked me in from page one…I’m about halfway done and and flying through.

  3. Thank you for the heads up on the low price for Bossypants! I agree with Gab about Maeve Binchy’s A Week in Winter. It’s very bittersweet since this is her last book, but it’s right up there with her others.

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