Lost in the archives…

Tonight I was doing a Chat in my Field Guide class (our final one, actually) and someone was asking me about my creative history. Well, if you really want some details, you can see the whole series here (newest is at top/front… oldest will be back on page 3 at the bottom). But it got me looking back, reading, thinking, being inspired to share those stories and more thoughtful writing more often too.

Mostly, I’m glad I have these thoughts written down and here on my blog. Documented and while yes, I continue to evolve, I still agree with myself…. although now I’m an even bigger nerd. But that’s ok. It’s just me being true to myself.

There were three entries that really spoke to me, that I wanted to specifically share if you are interested in some reading this weekend.


It’s All About Me

Don’t Fence Me In

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it is crafty and fun. I desperately need to catch up on photo ordering, do some major cleaning, and continue being creatively productive…


6 thoughts on “Lost in the archives…”

  1. Well May, that’s quite a journey you’ve been on. And I, for one, am glad at final result. I check your blog daily for I love to see what you’ve created. It’s always amazing. And I’m sure your journey is now very fun for you and that’s important.

  2. Thank you so much for re-sharing these posts… I absolutely loved your lost post and I can relate to it so much right now that it was reassuring that I’m not the only one feelings these things, and has actually inspired me to get scrapping when I’ve been a slump as of late. Thank you again!

  3. Loved reading your about your scrapping journey. I still struggle every day. Much of what you have said I can relate to just the everyday. Thanks.

  4. May, thank you for putting the links here for folks to read your past posts on this subject. I can’t imagine you receiving rejections in the past. I think you are an awesome teacher and if those struggles helped make you a better teacher that’s a great thing to come out of them. Laura Ingall’s mom used to say “There’s no great loss without some small gain.” Seems to apply here! Your art is so inspiring, so please keep on keeping on!

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