Good (crafty) times at Stamper’s Corner…

Had a blast teaching a card class this past weekend at Stamper’s Corner. We focused on the new Tim Holtz stamps + lots of distress fun.  IMG_5533

Oh yeah, and I had some awesome assistants.


Good (crafty) times!

10 thoughts on “Good (crafty) times at Stamper’s Corner…”

  1. I was just thinking how adorable your assistants are, then the last picture came up and I had to laugh. So cute!

  2. Yeah, pretty adorable!! she will be the next May Flaum! Great smile, enthusiasm and passion for the arts.

  3. So sorry I missed this event. I need to keep a closer watch on your Calendar. Glad it was a good day. Sorry I missed your assistants.

  4. The best assistants/enablers ever by the looks of it! What sweet pictures and it looks like they had a blast! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Hi May! I haven’t commented for a while, but am still reading your blog daily! The girls are growing, and oh so beautiful 🙂 Tell me about the dry glitter…just saw it at my LCS and wondered about it. Is it like glass glitter?

  6. Great pictures. Your girls are so adorable. She can be the poster girl for dry sticklers glitter! Cute.

  7. So cute! They are growing up so fast. I hope I can make it to a future class. Bet it was a blast, especially with such good help. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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