PCRT episode 152

This week I’m the guest on PCRT podcast (you can check it out/listen here). We’re talking about “simplify” and honestly this was one of the best discussions/episodes I feel like I’ve been on. I LOVE Lisa’s story and how she made scrapbooking what she wanted it to be. I also loved sharing my thoughts on how simple doesn’t have to = plain, no embellishments, etc. It’s a state of mind really. And a good one at that. Hope you enjoy! You can feel free to ask me questions if you have any.

Here’s a random card that I’ve not yet shared with you here – thought it was a perfect fit since this is one of my “Just play and try some things” cards.

I will be doing a post about the techniques I used though. Soon! Happy Crafting.


3 thoughts on “PCRT episode 152”

  1. This card looks so amazing. I have been staring at it trying to figure out what you did to achieve the end result.I think there was some glitter involved. I hope you will share soon.

  2. Beautiful card May. I”m a little behind on my PRT listening but I just heard your interview on Julie’s podcast which was great!

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