Let those little things add up!

I’m currently under pressure.

Oh it’s not like this is anything new – let’s just say that you can tell at any given moment where I am at in my deadlines when I’m working on a new workshop by just looking at the cleanliness (or lack thereof) here in my studio.

So… do I have anything fun to share? Sure!! I’m guesting again over on the Simon blog, and I’ve got THREE all new projects featuring the Lucky Charm line up! You can see the post here.

Also big news from Simon – Kelly Purkey has joined up with them AND she’s going to have kits, products, and oh I can’t wait. I’m so very excited for this, and I can’t wait to try out the new goodies!


Here’s a sneaky peek at a current project… It’ll either be a class sample or you may see it here on my blog. Decisions!! I’m back to my “do it” list, and making progress too. My biggest piece of advice whether you are talking life in general or crafting in specific is this:

When you’re overwhelmed. When you have SO MUCH to do you have no idea where/how you’ll fit it all in make a list. Write all that stuff out. Then pick one thing that matters. Do that. Make that happen…. and pick another. Need a break? Switch gears and work somewhere else on something else. I just keep looking at it one small part at a time, and I know that I’ll take back the upper hand in my daily routine soon.

It’s all part of the process, part of the life/creative cycle. I never will get the balance just perfect because the pieces are always changing. That’s ok. I will just ride the wave and do my very best.

I have SO MANY ideas to share here, they’re all listed on paper and I’m staring at that longingly as I type this. NO! I can’t play just yet. A few more things to do on the “today/must list” but with any luck I’ll be back tomorrow with some creative goodness. We’ll see how it goes!

3 thoughts on “Let those little things add up!”

  1. Thank you for being a calming force amidst all of our creative chaos! We all get caught up in the fact that we’ll never be caught up! LOL! Making lists is always good and checking things off feels fantastic! Crafters love that sense of accomplishment!

  2. I like they way you think.I am going to try this today and than I might actually get some thing done.
    Thank you smart girl!

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