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Smash 365 is something I’m quickly becoming addicted to – and I wanted to take a moment today to show you some glimpses, give you a few ideas, and even give one away! So what makes this unique first off is that it is a seasonal + holiday filled smash book. From New Year’s to Halloween and lots of random things in between there are pages for all kinds of holidays as well as seasonal type stuff like flowers or rain or snow.


My approach is going to be to write heavily on some pages, and never put photos or stuff on more than one page of a spread (so only one page would have “stuff” the other only adding words). This way I don’t have to worry about things sticking to each other or getting messed up in any way. Plus – I will tell you there are MANY pages I don’t want to cover at all! Just look at that Valentine heart below-


How will I use mine? Writing “in the moment” thoughts. I will sit down around the first of each month and add notations. If I think of it more often, great! But I am committed to about once a month sitting down and filling in notes about what we’re up to, what we are thinking about, what’s new with us right this minute.


When I’m done I will have glimpses of 2013, and a lot of random notations and also the noteworthy bits too. This I think is great for a few reasons – it will capture some random detail that might otherwise be forgotten, but it will also serve as a journal and as a way to look back and refresh my memory about this year in the future.


Of course I could do very little writing – because these pages are absolutely fantastic. If you didn’t like one it would be very easy to use a bit of gesso to do a bit of white wash over the page – but most all of them are really well done and some are going to be impossible to cover because I like them too much!


You know the “rule” with smash books is that there is no rules. Which makes me love them all the more. I did one as a vacation travel journal when I had 65 hours (total) on a train to kill. That worked out WELL because it entertained me during the trip and was realistic that I’d write so much. (it was a 10 day trip!)

The one last thing I’ll mention and it should be fairly clear from the photos – this is a very American focused “365” book. Holidays like Thanksgiving and 4th of July are included just to name a few that are not international holidays. This is something that works well for me – but might not if you live in a country where a good deal of the pages don’t apply to you and you’d have to do a lot of covering up or re-imagining.


Overall, I continue to be impressed by and want to do more of these books. The smash 365 is available in stores now, including SimonSays Stamp and Amazon.

WANT A CHANCE TO WIN ONE?! I will be giving one away – for your chance to win leave a comment here on this post and I will draw a winner on March 1st.

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  1. Wow! I love your seasonal / holiday themed smash book. The Valentine’s day heart page & Thanks Giving turkey pages are beautiful. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  2. LOVE this book!! The holiday pages are fantastic!! This is what I call a SMASH book!!!! (hope to win!!) thanks for the chance….

  3. Woot! I love the Smash Books and would love to play with the the new 365 one! Thanks for the awesome ideas on how you are going to use it!

  4. Would love to see your finished smash book. Bet it will be terrific. What a clever idea this 365 one is. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  5. I have never heard of the Smash 365 books but this looks fantastic. I really like the holidays etc. in there. It’s like having prompts. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  6. Can’t wait to see more of your smash pages. Love the inspiration, May! I have collected smash accessories -tape, embellishments, even the journaling cards, but haven’t, yet, gotten a book…this one looks fun!

  7. I absolutely LOVE SMASh books! This one for the holidays is a fabulous idea!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I’m a structured kind of person, so I like the idea of a 365 smashbook more than the other open-ended smashbooks.

  9. I love Smash books, and love the concept of them. I like how they are always adding new ideas to the original Smash books. Would love to see even more of yours. Thanks for the chance to win one of these!

  10. Wow. I didn’t know about this new Smash book. Love the concept. Thanks May for the chance to win.

  11. I have never used a Smash book yet..but sounds like a great way to capture the daily things in life, this one looks extra nice with all the lovely images..thanks for a chance to win.

  12. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … I would LOVE to win one!!!! What a perfect way to document the everyday stuff. Thanks for the chance.

  13. I love Smash books too! I haven’t finished mine yet due to a huge move, but the 365 one would give me a way to document this difficult yet exciting year. Plus, all my art stuff is still in boxes and can’t find the one I did manage to start! Love the idea of one devoted to holidays as well! 🙂 what a great & thoughtful giveaway!

  14. How cool!! I didn’t know they had a book like that. Thanks for the giveaway & great ideas!

  15. I am quickly approaching 60 and have been dismayed that all 4 of our local Scrapbook Stores have gone out of business. Not seeing new products in person, means that I have to get “excited” about products via the web and it really isn’t the same to me. I have been intrigued with the Smash books, but not quite sure what they were all about. They look like a fun, unstructured way to scrap!! I am anxious to give one a try!! I have really enjoyed this post!!
    Thank you for offering the opportunity to win one!!

  16. Have not seen this! So excited – been trying to find a calendar to use for this year for my version of Project Life.

  17. Opps! Put a comment on the other day! Was saying that I keep buying smash books and
    give them all away!!!! I would love to have one for me!!!!!! Have a great day!


  18. I’m just a home crafter and never have money in my budget for all the craft supplies I desire. I did buy a few Smash things that were on sale at Target or maybe Walmart, but I would love some more. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize.

  19. I have always loved Smashbook but haven’t purchased any of their products. Your train experience gave me an idea to journal while I travel for business. Thanks! Now, winning one would be an extra treat!

  20. I’ve had my eye on these for a while
    thanks for the chance to win
    and thanks for sharing yours—love it!

  21. I had not seen this one yet… Thanks for introducing me to yet another thing I need to have 🙂

  22. What a great idea! I have a bunch ot their other “books” but haven’t heard of this one. Would love to win one to add to my collection.

  23. I love the smash stuff but never really knew what to do with it….this is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. I guess I haven’t seen this release of the Smash 365. I love your highlights on it, May

  25. I love Smash! I have one! But it’s blank!! I haven’t decided what I want to do with it yet! I know, I should just take it and give myself a good “smash” in the head with it 🙂 I didn’t want to ruin it! But…..if I had 2 I’d be more inclined to get my behind in gear!

  26. I have an older, orange SMASH that is so full of my smashed stuff, I have to bind it with one of those super duper SMASH rubber bands. I love my SMASH book. I would love to start a new one for 2013, Hope I will the 365 one! Thanks May!

  27. Love it! Have to get my hands on one or tow…well a bunch! This is perfect for me and my nieces would love them also. Thanx so much for sharing and for the chance to win one! 🙂

  28. Love this SmashBook! I’ve been trying to find one to purchase and can’t seem to locate one anywhere! Maybe I’ll be lucky and win this one! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

  29. I had bought a smash book for my teenage niece a few months ago, and she loved it! (And it made me realize I should have kept it for myself!!lol) I really like the idea!! And am itching to get started!

  30. Thanks for the opportunity. Looks like a great way to stay organized and capture those “before-you-know-it-you-forget” moments 🙂

  31. I have never done a smashbook and if I don’t win, I will have to order from Amazon. So looking forward to playing with one. Thanks for sharing!

  32. I bought the mini smash, and I saw new minis this year on paperclipping. I haven’t seen the 365, but I would love to have one. Also, I’m very interested in seeing what you’re doing in your smash books. I’ve tried to find completed smash books to view on the internet without much luck. Even You Tube I see more “Hey look at the Smash I just bought.” than anything else. Thank you for the peek I really appreciate it! Love the heart pocket:)

  33. These pages are so fun and full of color and illustrations. I have really wanted to try one of these books. Maybe this will be my lucky chance.!

  34. These books are so much fun. So many ways to be creative and show off those pictures. Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. I like the look the look of this “smash” book! Can’t wait to see what you do with it! THanks for the chance to win.

  36. I hadn’t heard about Smash 365, but now that you’ve enabled, er … told me about it, I have to have it. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  37. All the Smash hooplah died down to the point that I hadn’t heard about the Smash365. Sounds like one I would like.

  38. I love Smash books! I just got one for Christmas, but haven’t started it yet. I love the look of this new one and can’t wait to check it out.

  39. I haven’t gotten into the Smash Book craze—yet! But I am sure that winning one would get me started nicely. 🙂 Love the looks of the holiday version.

  40. This is such an inspiring blog post. I have not seen the Smash 365 book, but have seen others. I have always bee a little intimidated by them. But you really break it down. You appreciate the beautiful elements that are built into the book. And you give permission to leave the beautiful pages untouched or gently touched. You make it seem like a do-able project that would be enjoyable to create and pleasurable to look at as a memory journal. Thank you. I am really inspired!

  41. I am using a smash book to document our monthly girls night out – it would be fun to have a themed monthly version – thanks for the chance to win, May.

  42. May! I loved the pics so much too! I was afraid to buy one, because i didn’t want to cover up a lot of the pages either! It really is a beautiful book! yay!

  43. i have two snash books but have to admit i haven’t done anything w them yet. i love this one, the holiday theme really speaks to me, and i could tear pages out and add them to a larger scrap LO.

  44. I would love a Smash Book 365! It sounds so totally like something I could get myself into! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  45. Oh my goodness, what a great idea this journal/Smashbook is! Everything ready to go, and as you mentioned, if you don’t really like the page/picture, you can spruce it up to your liking! I would love one!

  46. This is such a cool Smash book. I am totally in love with Smash books, but I have yet to do one myself. Right now I think is the perfect time to start one. I am on the precipice of a new life style. Smoking that I did for over 40 years is a thing of the past. I am going to physical therapy to help with the back and leg pain and I am drinking lots of water. In scrapbooking I shall have a new organized space very soon thanks to my husbands generous Christmas gift. I think it just might be fun to document my thoughts as the changes unfold.

  47. Oooo, I love your smash book. I’ve been looking at these but haven’t tried them yet. Thanks for the chance to win one — and get started.

  48. Wow, these look amazing. I meve realized the pages of the smash book had such great graphics. Thanks for showcasing these and for the chance to win 🙂

  49. I LOVE Smash books…’s all I can do to keep from buying another one every time I see them in the stores!! They are so gorgeous! Thank you for the chance to win this new one.

  50. You do some of the most amazing pages. Your prolific creativity never ceases to amaze, and oh, how I envy your energy. Can I be you when I grow up? 😉 Please pick me so I can play with a new medium. Those books look like so much fun, and I still haven’t tried one for fear of a new addiction.

  51. I’m totally in love with Smash Books and it’s a total shame it is so hard to find those to buy here in Brazil :~~

  52. I love the idea of being able to use one book throughout the year. I tend not to use my smashbooks because will be just portions of the year. Fabulous!!

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