Diptic: Photo Collages via phone

Just a quick little post here today about something that I think many of you may find helpful or useful.

I have this app on my phone called Diptic, which is very handy for making photo collages when you want to just do a single picture post onto Instagram or Twitter or a blog. You can pick your collage look, then click on each spot to insert photos, get them set, then hit the arrow button at the top right to export or save. EASY. dip1

What I just realized, is that this has the option for “large” images, which would be printable and a short cut to printing square or odd sized images where normally I have to use Photoshop Elements and it takes quite a bit more effort. I thought I’d share this today because I know many of you don’t have Photoshop or other such editing and you might like to know that for a very nominal amount you can download this onto your phone – what a great tool!

Another fun detail of this app is that you can round the corners, and do other editing as well. Really though – I’m excited to take my less than stellar iPhone pics, not to mention my instagram pics and get them set up in collage form that I can then upload to the photo processor of my choice, print at any square size, and then use in my scrapbooking!

Here are some photos of adjusting the roundness on my photo corners…


Cool, right? I’m glad Melissa told me about this app for my phone, and I’m excited that it will save me time and help me get more photos printed efficiently and in some varying sizes for my scrapbooking as well.

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  1. Oh wow, I think I want this. Looks easy and fun. I have PSE10 and I still don’t get it, LOL. Thanks May.

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