kids books give-aways!

THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN DRAWN + EMAILED. If I don’t get a reply within a week, new winner(s) will be drawn.

I’ve got three sets of give-aways from my friends at Harper Collins books – for your chance to win leave a comment and specify “A”, “B”, “C”, or ‘any’ so I know which set you are interested in winning. And YES! It’s totally ok to enter with a niece/grandchild/other child in your life in mind! Or if you’re a teacher and just want them for your class or whatever. Good luck – and happy reading!


Set A: Batman and drive your sister crazy books – perfect for the young boy in your life (ages 5-8 or so?)

Set B: Fancy Nancy four book collection (which my girls ADORE and strongly recommend!!)

C: “Everything Goes” set


I will draw the three winners on January 2 – good luck and happy reading!

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  1. Thanks May for the inspiration for a Christmas page on BPC! I just finished watching your fun video on my 12 Days of Christmas class on BPC. I feel like I got a good impression of your personality and think you’re great! I love the idea of the book give away. I’d love set “c” for my nephew. Merry Christmas!

  2. Since I don’t have small children, if I win, I will donate these to a local teacher that I know. I think set A would be good to get young boys to read, but any set would be nice.

  3. I have a niece who’d love B, but I also tutor K-2nd graders in reading and they’d love C. So, I guess either B or C. I love children’s books. Thanks for helping to spread the love of reading.

  4. I would love to win these books. I have a small non-profit organization where I give away books to underpriviledged children in my community by working with the schools. The kids would love these books. Thank you for the giveaway and sharing your love of books with kids everywhere.

  5. I have a nephew that would love C. My kids are too old for this, but I am fortunately an aunt to younguns. 8)

  6. My granddaughter is sitting with me reading emails and she thinks Set A is pretty cool! Love us some Batman. Thank you!

  7. My grandson Nicholas would love Set A. He has two Sisters he would love to drive crazy. Thank you.

  8. Set C would be wonderful for my older granddaughter Sydney as she has to fly to her father’s on holidays. Thank you

  9. Thanks for the giveaway. My daughter and son devour books at home and the Everything Goes collection would be new to us. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!

  10. Cool giveaway. With 9 grandchildren, 7 of whom are at stages that would enjoy these books, I would be delighted to win any of the selections.

  11. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I am fortunate to have six grandsons…..four of which cannot get enough reading material!

  12. what a great give away, I have always been a fan of giving books to kids. I feel it is a great gift to give them the chance to read. You can learn so much from reading. Thank you for a chance to win. I will give this to my Grandson who is learning to read. I know he will love these books.

  13. Oh, my goodness! My sister in law is named Nancy and I’ve been calling her Fancy Nancy for years! I’ve always wanted to get her the books but just haven’t but now her son is getting married and they are planning on having children right away. This would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. How nice of you to offer such a great giveaway!
    My nephew would LOVE set A if I am lucky enough to win.

  15. Definitely B or C for my grandchildren. However, I would love to read the Nancy books for myself…they look like so much fun!

  16. I’m a librarian at a local elementary school and I’m always on a lookout for good books to add to the collection. Set A or C would be fabulous. Thanks for a chance to win.

  17. Set A or C , A for my daughter who is a huge Batman fan and C for my grandson who I love to read to! Thanks May for the chance to win!

  18. Set 3 would be perfect for my 2 grandsons. They love books and can’t get enough. Hope your Holidays are everything you want them to be.

  19. I have the perfect little girl who would love set B. All these books look great so which ever I win would be perfect.

  20. Ooohhh – set B – I have 3 granddaughters that would love the Nancy books! Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. I have seven (and twins on the way) nieces and nephews. They would love any of these. The boys could use more “guy books” but any would be wonderful! Thank you for the giveaway.

  22. I have been trying to get my son to read more, so I think Set A would be perfect for that. Thanks for a chance.

  23. I watch another teacher’s children until she gets out of work 3 days a week, and her 4 year old daughter is hooked on Fancy Nancy. The other sets would be great to win for our classrooms, too. Thanks for the chance.

  24. ANY of these would be great. Lots of children in my extended family would enjoy reading or even being read them!

  25. My 5 yr. old daughter would love set B – She loves anything Fancy Nancy. Thanks for the chance.

  26. I have grandsons and granddaughters so any set would be nice. Thanks so much for the chance. You rock!

  27. My 4 year old has not been exposed to Fancy Nancy yet but these would be right up her alley! Crossing our fingers!

  28. I would be interested in any of these! My daughter-in-law is an elementary school teacher and she would be excited to add any of them to her classroom. Thanks May!

  29. Wow… quite a give a way! I’d like to be entered for set A please 🙂 My students would love them!

  30. Thank you, May! What a great gift for some child! My little grandson really love set C. He LOVES books! I am so thankful for that!

  31. My grandson loves to read and we scour thrift-shops for great books. I am sure he would enjoy set A or C. Good luck everyone.

  32. My son would really like set a!!! Boys books are so hard to find–
    We spend a to of time at Barnes and Noble each month or searching my nook to find things he will read
    Thanks for the chance!!

  33. I have a son who is into the super heros right now. He would love A!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  34. My 5 year old daughter would love set B – we are big Fancy Nancy fans and don’t have any of the books!

  35. Have to love this. Thanks for the chance. They are all great but A would be awesome for my class. Thanks

  36. I just ran across your yt and blog. Love your work and then you have this fantastic give away. My youngest GD and I have fallen in love with Fancy Nancy. If choose I or we would like the Fancy Nancy collection Thanks for offering this to us.

  37. Oh my goodness….my 3 year old granddaughter just loves Fancy Nancy. We say things “in French” all the time! I would be thrilled to win set B. Thanks, May!

  38. I could definitely find a very good home for set A, although I’m not sure my DD would appreciate the boys getting help with driving her crazy, they are experts at that already!!!

    ** Kate **

  39. Omg there so cute, I can see me reading them to my grand kids…I would be happy with any set…thank you

  40. Would love any of these sets—I would give them to the teachers at our elementary school. Thanks for the chance!

  41. Good afternoon! I am a middle school teacher and a parent of three, so any set would be greatly appreciated.

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