May’s recs: Books & Entertainment Nov.2012

Steel’s Edge just came out today, and yet it is already on the list? I say yes, if only because I adore Ilona Andrews books and so I’m sure of it’s status as a winner. I will be starting this as soon as UPS drops my copy off!

Iced takes place in the ‘fever’ world Karen Marie Moning has been writing about – but with a new focus and heroine. Dani is just 14 during this book, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a book that is ok as a young adult read – it really is not. It’s very dark, set in a post-apocalyptic Dublin, and it ties into that previous series beautifully though I think you could start here as well. If you are looking for urban fantasy with plenty of blood, guts, mystery, and other assorted darkness then I recommend this for sure as well as the 5-book Fever series that came before it.

Jennifer Estep, one of my favorite authors EVER, continues to be a busy lady! She’s got Crimson Frost (her YA series) coming soon, and Nightingale is a new superhero themed romance that she released in e-book format that is a part of her Big Time series but can be read alone easily.

Looking ahead, the end of this month The Lady Most Willing by James, Quinn, and Brockway releases and I was able to read an advance copy. It was adorable, reminded me of the movie 7 brides for 7 brothers in a way and it was such fun. It would make a really nice historical romance read for winter.

Speaking of winter, I quite enjoyed Together for Christmas by Lisa Plumley. Set in a small town where Christmas rules, the story of the woman who loves Christmas + man who can’t stand it was silly and a bit cheesy – and totally a fun read. I do have a thing for (admittedly cheesy) Christmas stories.

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Now quickly, I’ll tell you what TV has been entertaining me…

Dr. Who is available instant on Netflix, and I’ve worked my way through the first three seasons. Color me hooked – it’s amazing stuff once you get through a few cheesy looking first episodes especially.

Castle is about a bestselling mystery author who follows a NYPD detective around solving homicides as research and inspiration for his novels. I’m in season 2, and it’s really growing on me.

Soon though, I’m sure I”ll be checking out ABC family an other stations for holiday favorites and new silly movies too!

That’s it from me – if you have recommendations feel free to share them!

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  1. fyi I am hooked on Castle-those books he “writes” on the tv show are on amazon…I’ve had to buy those to.

  2. Love Dr. Who!! I am waiting now for Netflix to add the new ones. And I see our taste in books is very similar. I have an order going in today for Iced, and Steel’s Edge…I have read every book by those authors that I have found. I’ve been enjoying some Steampunk lately, most recently “Her Sky Cowboy” by Beth Ciotta – check it out.

  3. Have you tried The Mentalist? Simon Baker is an interesting actor and pretty easy on the eyes, as well. It’s a bit of suspense, drama, and humor.

  4. so funny, Iced is waiting on my book bench, and i just opened my Amazon email saying my Steel’s Edge is on the way. I recently got hooked on Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series, check it out if you haven’t already. Castle is always DVRd, also love Leverage, funny, clever comedy. My DH loved Dr Who, can’t watch it now since he died in October after a courageous 8 mth battle with a rare aggresive cancer. it was sudden, unexpected (since he was in remission ) and i’m still in shock and disbeleif. i keep expecting him to walk in the door any minute and make everything right again. i have a lot of pictures of him to scrap when i can bear too, especially one of him in his tux for his high school grad, long before i met him. i would love ideas on masculing pages, ones without flowers. i’ve googled. any ideas?

  5. May I don’t know if you know that Steel’s Edge is the last book in the Edge series….too sad…but they will no longer have this series…I guess they are really busy with other series and on their blog they have a new series going on which is very cool…..Each week their is a new chapter, usually….If you have not read it, check it out….Ilona Andrew’s Facebook page usually tells when there is a new chapter….I read all of her books…

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