tuesday again.

Time sure is flying by! Feels like I just had a Tuesday come and go… alright well big congrats to Joanne R who won the kid’s book give-away! I’ve emailed you so you can claim your prize.

I’m currently packing up any/all holiday packages I have to send, the goal *was* by tomorrow, but I don’t have all the pieces to mail just yet. That is OK! I will take what I do have down to the post office tomorrow (my third visit there within a week!) and then have everything ready for when that last order arrives that allows me to finish my mailing. Am I early? Why yes my dears, I sure am. You see, I’ve got enough work, not to mention fun family stuff planned in December to prevent me from getting gifts mailed out on time. So, years ago I started the tradition of shopping + mailing early! Less stress (in theory), and a much quieter December for me. No long lines at the post office or worrying things won’t arrive in time for me.

Now, if I could just apply the same discipline to my laundry…

Ah well, it is one day, one task at a time and hopefully this week will be filled with good family times AND I will be able to scrapbook a layout to share here. True story: It’s now been FIVE weeks since I madeĀ  scrapbook layout. This is the longest I’ve gone, quite possibly since I got married back in 2002. I’m serious! That’s ok – my craftiness has just been more project based. Gift wrapping to tags and cards and such. So creativity is here – and I’m letting it out in whatever ways work into my wild and ever-changing schedule for now. Embracing that journey and enjoying the ride…

4 thoughts on “tuesday again.”

  1. First if all, laundry has a life of its own. It just appears, usually in large quantities. Looking forward to seeing your creativity again.

  2. I know exactly what you’re going through… 4 kids, a job, and my blog, have all kept me INSANELY busy! Good for you, though, on getting that shopping done – that’s awesome!

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