Thursday mania..

One week until Thanksgiving. For those of us in the USA, we all know Thanksgiving also serves as a kind of a mark that the holiday season is WIDE open and VERY MUCH upon us.

Where did the first half of November go?

I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Ok, more than a bit. I’m at that stage where you start feeling paralyzed because no matter what you do there is still so much so where do you even look or start or….  THAT IS OK! I’ve got a plan. I’ve cut EVERYTHING except “eat right” from my priorities list as of yesterday. I’m taking care of the 1910384 tiny things that are cluttering my space and my mind. Getting my desk clear, and those packages that arrived back when I was in Disneyland put away. Getting my Christmas photo ordered  to insert into family cards and being TOTALLY OK with just using a vacation photo and not trying to stage a fancy new one.

That is just the beginning. Laundry mountains. Random “it’ll only take a minute” jobs. Clearing out closets. Just generally de-cluttering the heck out of my to-do list and home in general and man. It’s good. My hope is that on Monday I’ll wake up without any of this “emergency!” to-do list and be back to the usual level of madness. If the paralyzing “it is all TOO MUCH!” happens to you ever (and come on, it happens to all real people!) I recommend playing hooky from work for a day, or just otherwise putting everything possible onto emergency hold and taking it one small piece at a time. No fun time, no sitting around chatting on the phone or watching TV (unless you’re multi-tasking!) – just nose to the grindstone get things back in order hard work, sweat, and determination.

One of the things, of course, that got ditched as I embarked on this mission was blogging. But I couldn’t help sneaking on here as I sip my morning coffee and tell you where I’m disappearing to for the weekend!

I will be back on Monday with a new project, and if things go according to the general plan, MANY projects including the announcement of what date Camp Scrap: Christmas Edition will start!!!! (FREE!)

Note: Big Picture is doing the twelve days of Christmas class again – this is a re-run so if you missed it last year here is your chance! I keep meaning to remind my blog readers about this fun class – if you want to do more holiday scrapbooking and didn’t take it last year – I recommend checking it out!

Now, to tackle my studio floor…

PS: if you have tips, tricks, etc. for what to do when you’re overwhelmed – feel free to share them!

16 thoughts on “Thursday mania..”

  1. Have a good, productive weekend! I am on the verge of this same panic, so I think I will make some serious lists! Housework, Grocery shopping, cooking — since I’m hosting Thanksgiving a week from today. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

  2. I want to know where the whole year went!! It seems we fill our lives to overflowing…but perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.. after all we’re only here for a while.

  3. I know how you feel May…..
    And we dont even have Thanksgiving down here in Australia!!!
    The whole thing sometimes becomes overwhelming and we have to learn to not put so much pressure on ourselves. 🙂
    Well done with just using a lovely family holiday snap! You have a gorgeous family!

  4. My tip for when I feel overwhelmed comes directly from The Flylady, but I set my timer for 15 mins. and I head off to tackle an area that needs attention. When the timer goes off, I stop and do something else. This helps me in two ways, one I start to see how much I can accomplish in only 15 mins. and two I know I do not have to push myself to finish everything I start, so I don’t get overwhelmed. Hope this helps a little.

  5. Great Blog today! It is sooo easy to become overwhelmed during the holiday season! LISTS!!! LISTS!!! LISTS!!! People keep journals to jot down creative ideas and such. That doesn’t really work for me. I have yellow legal pads, “left over” spiral notebooks from my child’s classwork, electronic iPAD/iphone and notepads everywhere to write down my “To Do Lists”. It seems to work for me! Love the feeling of accomplishment when I get to truly scratch through an item! I can’t wait for Christmas Camp Scrap! Happy sorting and organizing and accomplishing!

  6. Love your Holiday card-the picture is great. When I am stressed I go for a bike ride. I know that if I take the time out, I actually get more accomplished when I get back. And I prioritize. I learned a long time ago I can’t do everything by myself, and I can now actually ask for help. Took me a long time to get here, and no, I am not going to tell you how old I am-lol.

  7. Lists help. A lot. Every time you cross something off that list, you feel a little more in control. It also helps me stay on task. For years, I have used a sturdy laundry basket to help me de-clutter. Whatever is in a space that it doesn’t belong to, goes into the laundry basket. I carry it with me from room to room, loading and unloading as I go. This keeps me from leaving a spot before it is done, and helps me stay on task. The worst thing is to walk out of a room and forget what you were doing before you left. I hope that makes sense…time for me to go to bed! Good luck! Don’t forget to breathe…and playing peppy music always helps me move a little faster, too!

  8. I agree, it’s just crazy. With DS being in hospital, planning an international move, planning for his birthday I cant’ even start thinking about Christmas or anything else really! I love that photo! Great border you used

  9. What a lovely photo of your family! Happy Thanksgiving to you too. When I get overwhelmed I have a mission day – that is a day when it is my mission to tackle as many of those quick tasks as I can. Those are the ones that have been rattling around in your brain over and over popping up when you should be concentrating on something else. Take a day or even just a morning to do a bunch of those, and you will feel so much more focused. Trust me, it works. (PS I’m not a list maker, but it does then help to put the ones you don’t get around to doing on a list for another day, and then you don’t have to remember them.)

  10. Your holiday card is truly awesome! Much more real than a staged photo and love the Disney! I’m hoping to find time to play in Camp Scrap Christmas- thanks for offering it!

  11. May, I’m having your Thursday Mania today!!! I just got to reading your blog! Snuck it in in the middle of my busy day!!! Glad I did! So excited for your Camp Scrap Christmas edition!!! The summer ones are fabulous!! Even if I never post my stuff! Love ya! Remember to BREATHE!!!

  12. I love the family photo and think it is the perfect one for your holiday card. What could be better than your family having fun at the happiest place in the world? I make my lists while sneaking in a tv show or two. Then I start crossing off some of the not so important little things. I use my lists to delegate to the two men in the house. They could do everything that I do so we share the work. I just try to grin and go on if something is not done the way I would do it. I keep telling myself that people are coming to celebrate, not to inspect my house. I try to accept that I am disabled and cannot get everything done like I used to. This is the most difficult one for me and also wastes a lot of my time as I tend to get depressed about it. Smile and enjoy the preparation. My dh used to make fun of my lists and would add items like “have sex”, etc.

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