JBS tree canvas.

I was walking through Target early one morning (as I love to do, when it’s quiet and the kids are in school…) and I saw these wooden trees with tons of rectangular strip/blocks as branches. I also saw this ‘Christmas tree’ on some kids T-shirts and I thought… that idea would TOTALLY translate to a canvas, and it would definitely be perfect for my first Jenni Bowlin design team project!

It is a very simple canvas, actually! You could recreate one like it with the paper and buttons (and minus any paint or other liquid mediums) for an even faster and easier project.

I love how it turned out – you can see the JBS products I used over on the inspiration blog.

Happy Crafting!

15 thoughts on “JBS tree canvas.”

  1. I love ths May!!! Absolutely scrumptious – thanks for the Christmas inspiration – and I love to putter around Target in the morning, too 😉

  2. That’s inspiring!!! I love the idea of several of these canvases in a row along a wall as Xmas decorations. OR, as gifts for ‘arty’ friends.

  3. Wonderful! I love all the texture and depth you’ve created! I love all the traditional colors, but they are more subdued and the subtle background pattern! So lovely! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Wonderful! I’d like your canvas to be a t-shirt as well. It’s wonderful…diid I say that already? LOL

  5. Saw this on the JBS blog and I love it! Noticing more and more details…like how you outlined some of the elements and the spacing between the strips…just wonderful!! xo Evie

  6. LOVE the tree!! I want one! Maybe I’ll have to make my own!! I’ll add it to my list!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

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