Rock Candied tags

This doesn’t have to be for tags – it could be for paper of all sorts of shapes and sizes. I have just been doing it a LOT lately, and so I wanted to share. I’ll share the how-to, and photos of it as well. (and, you can see a finished tag tomorrow using this technique!)

1. Color your tag. I like to do this with stencils + distress ink and I layer color gently with a foam blending tool.

2. Apply the crackle! Let it dry for a few minutes until cracks start, then you can speed things up with a heat tool if deisred.

3. Apply ink, rubbing it in and wiping away excess.

4. Apply matte medium such as PPA or Multi medium in matte and rub it all over the surface. This steps removes the glossy shine that rock candy crackle has.

You can see a real example of this here and I will be sharing another tag tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Rock Candied tags”

  1. I’ve been dying to try this technique out with the Rock Candy! Thanks for the inspiration – as always!
    I’ll be at the Island on Saturday, so I’ll be able to pick some up!

  2. Seeing what you have done with the Rock Candy crackle makes me want to go out and buy some. Maybe next month as I’ve spent too much money on craft supplies this month. LOL! Of course next month is almost here.

    Thanks for sharing your tutorial. It is fun to see how you create such beautiful projects.

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